Monday, March 31, 2008

A Lick And A Promise

I'm a big fat liar. You ain't gettin' no lick, no how. But I promise that I will type this as fast as I can, what with the tornado watch we're under, and the short power outage 90 minutes ago, and that rumbling thunder somewhere up over my head. I think it's thunder. The shadow of a doubt comes from the floor plan that puts the master bathroom right over my basement lair. HH could be up to some shenanigans, perhaps.

There is also a 90 percent chance for heavy rain tonight. That means more bridge flooding, like we had again on Sunday morning. That will go well with the other hole in my head. Get it? Like the expression, 'I need that like another hole in the head'. OK. I just thought some of you might be a few bales short of a hayride. Not that there's anything wrong with that... At this rate, we'll never get that Northern Red Oak planted. He's freeloading in the laundry sink at the moment.

The #1 son had to stay after school for his MOB thingy again. He told me to be there at 4:45 to pick him up. I had the audacity to be a block away at 4:44, and he called me on his iPhone to see where I was. Not that I had any right to be late, what with him costing me 7 minutes every morning because he has to lay in bed for 15 minutes after his wake-up call, then lay on the couch 10 minutes before rummaging through the pantry to scrounge up breakfast, then lay on the couch 7 more minutes because he is tired from digesting his food, then throw on his clothes and wash his face and brush his teeth and tell me to comb his hair before we traipse out to the LSUV.

Only 8 more Wednesday duty days, people! Only one more week of lunch duty! The school year is almost over, by cracky!

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