Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bad Bunny Batting Pinata

That rascally rabbit, T. Easter Bunny, brought The Pony a computer game that will only work with internet and a $20 per month membership! How dare he! What are we going to do with such a game? I'll be darned if I'm going to pay a $20 per month fee, even IF our dial-up would do this game justice, after the #1 son got an iPhone, with an increase of $20 per month on my A T & T Mobility bill. WHICH he's paying out of his allowance money at $5 per week, by cracky!

Perhaps The Devil will take an opened computer game and fork over some cold, hard cash. I've been in the return line when people brought in opened DVDs of the 2-for-$9.99 variety, no receipt, no questions asked. I'll give it a try. Perhaps T. Easter Bunny shops at The Devil's Playground.

The boys were not happy that we would not allow the colored eggs to go to Grandma's house. They had big plans for them. Oh, not eating them. Or using them as a colorful centerpiece. Or hiding and hunting them. They wanted to take them out into the yard and hit them with a baseball bat. Who can blame them? That's what Grandma suggested a few years ago, to their older cousin. And now, they expect to do it every year. HH put his foot down. "No. You are not going to waste those eggs. That is just stupid to hit them with a baseball bat." To which My Little Pony replied, "I don't want to hit them with a baseball bat. I like throwing them at trees." When we got home after an afternoon of the cousin asking, "Hey, didn't you guys bring any eggs?", the #1 son asked if he could have a couple of eggs. I thought he wanted to eat them, so I asked if he wanted me to peel them for him. "No. I wanted to take them outside to hit with a baseball bat. I told him that wasn't going to happen unless his dad ate them, and he whacked his dad like a pinata. He was disturbingly agreeable with that scenario.

I can't wait until tomorrow, when the boys are all hopped-up on sugar.

Can you detect my sarcasm?


LanternLight said...

"No. I wanted to take them outside to hit with a baseball bat. ... "

What? No shotgun? What are you teaching them young 'uns?

Hillbilly Mom said...

A BB gun, maybe. The shotgun does not come out to play unless HH is with him. Or unless The Shootist comes to finish the job on HH.