Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Little Snow Can't Stop ME

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go. All of our beautiful snow melted today! What's up with that? Usually, 8 inches will stick around for 3-4 days. I suppose we're lucky we got any snow, what with the temperatures the day before the blizzard hitting 78 degrees. Welcome to Missouri.

The boys and I drove to town today to pick up my check. Because we can. There's a reason I drive that LSUV. We slipped a bit on our level driveway, and on our slippery slope of a gravel road. Much to our chagrin, the county and state roads were clear. However, there's a bit of an early forecast for 2-3 inches of snow on Friday morning, with a high of 30 degrees. We'll see what develops.

We went to the post office and picked up mail for my grandma. The grandma who made the front page of the local paper last month for flipping her car at the drive-thru bank. I also took her some soup, which she called my mom about later and raved that it was the best soup she ever ate. Uh huh. Hillbilly Mom can stir a mean cauldron of soup. Even though she starts with a powdered mix, those five secret ingredients really make it pop.

No trip to town is complete without a stop at The Devil's Playground. We needed that magical automatic shower-cleaning scrubbing bubbles stuff. And The Pony needed some cough plus cold medicine. No sweet, sweet Histinex for him, but I DID spring for the real Tylenol, not the generic Devil-y stuff. I was persuaded by the #1 son's old math teacher from Lower Basementia, who accosted me on the sick aisle, and declared that she always goes for the brand name, because the generic is nasty. She attended the same conference I did last week, but a few days earlier for the elementary portion. We had the same opinion of it. Every year, it gets worse. Then we spotted one of my students and her mother who is a teacher at Elementia, and they declared that their road in the boonies on the other side of the county from the Mansion were also clear, so we knew we were having school.

And now I must prepare. Mentally, of course. You don't think I'm actually doing homework, do you?

The boys planned on sledding down the side yard of the Mansion when we returned from town. What a difference 2 hours makes. The snow was receding and mushy, so they made a snowman the size of The Pony. Not experienced in creating men of snow, they made it like three big snowballs. Not by rolling a ball to pick up snow, mind you, but by patting more and more handfuls of snow on the original snowball. Kids these days!

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