Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Envelope, Please...

And the winner is...Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's school!

The Science Fair gave out the awards at 3:00. Our school entered 8 projects. ALL 8 WON SOMETHING! That is 8 for 8. 100 percent, by cracky. No other school could lay claim to that record. Not even the two big schools who bussed in busloads of bus-riding entrants.

Here is the breakdown:

6th grade-Middle School Physics: Honorable Mention
7th grade-Middle School Physics: 1st Place
9th grade-Science Fair T-Shirt Design: Honorable Mention
9th grade-High School Engineering: 1st Place
9th grade-High School Chemistry: 1st Place
11th grade-High School Chemistry: 2nd Place
11th grade-High School Chemistry: 3rd Place
11th grade-High School Biology: 1st Place

Uh huh! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Our school rules!!!

Of course, I must brag, because that's what blogs are for. My son and his partner won 1st Place again this year in Middle School Physics. No mean feat, what with 14 entries in that category. It was the largest of the 10 categories in the Middle School division. Too bad my 9th grade pair decided not to enter their Computer Science project on 'Does Text Affect File Size'. There were no entries in that category for High School or Middle School. They would have automatically won 1st Place and $50 if they had entered. You snooze, you lose, boys.

Oh, yeah, the bragging continues. All those 9th graders were MY students. Sweet Gummi Mary, those kiddos ROCK! The T-Shirt girls had to compete with 16 entries in a mixed MS/HS contest. Not too shabby.

One kid told me he was going home tonight to start his project for next year.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom...spreading science literacy, one student at a time.

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