Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Absolutely Nothing Interesting.

The Mansion is sitting pretty in a Winter Wonderland. I'm not sure how much snow we have. I'm guessing around 8 inches, but it could be more. The #1 son took out the trash, and after prying the lid off the dumpster, brought in a piece of ice half an inch thick. He says that is what's under the snow.

I cooked a cauldron of vegetable beef soup, washed a pile of dishes, tossed in a load of laundry, and spent most of the day watching CNN. I can't decide if I'm going to watch more CNN tonight, or my usual Big Brother 9.

Isn't life boring without work? That said, I'm eagerly awaiting my NO SCHOOL call from HQ. And it's time to go fire up the cauldron.


DPA said...

How many snow days have y'all had? Are you going to have to go longer in May to make them up?

Hillbilly Mom said...

We've had 12. Now we have to go until the Friday before Memorial Day. We had two days built into the schedule, then we took Martin Luther King day, and some other day off, and then started adding them on at the end, and then took our 2 days at spring break, and now will probably take the Easter days. It's all planned on a calendar before the school year starts, but there were only 10 days planned for. The state legislature usually forgives any days over 10, but if we don't make them up, we lose federal funding for them. We also have to watch the attendance after Memorial Day, or we will lose money, and then there's summer school to be not interfered with. It's all a convoluted mess.

Now you're sorry you asked, huh?

DPA said...

In other words, the school year WAS almost over, huh?

I'm glad it doesn't snow here. Those little brats and their stupid parents will be gone by 1:00 on May 23.