Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Of Mathletes And Junior Scientists

I am happy to report that my #1 son got his limousine ride to Pizza Hut today. The assembly was changed to permit the Mathletes to go. I am a bit disappointed in his math performance, but what can you do? It was multiple choice, but he spent his time actually answering the problems. His teacher had told them to use the last 10 minutes to fill in any unanswered problems, since they only grade on the number right, and there is no penalty for wrong answers. Nope. Not my boy. He left 17 of them blank. I am also disappointed that he did not get his cookie dough reward. I would think that maybe he didn't earn it, but he said every one else got one. So it only goes to figure that if he qualified for the Pizza Hut and limousine with everyone else, there should have been some cookie dough coming his way. I'm kind of glad to be out of that building. If I was still there, I'm afraid I would play the cookie dough card and get myself into trouble. The kid already says he gets discriminated against because someone in charge never liked me. I tend to agree.

We had book fair at Elementia and Newmentia today. WooHoo! The Pony got 3 books and 2 hand-pointer thingies, #1 got 2 books, and I got 4 books and an eraser/pencil-sharpener combo. That's because my pencil sharpeners have a habit of disappearing at home. I think the count is at 17 missing in action, including 2 battery-operated fancy ones. I could probably pry up a board in #1's floor and find his stash, along with my scissors, staplers, and tape. Is it any wonder the boy wants his first job to be at Office Max?

My students have been working on their science projects this week. Which means about a fourth of each class work, while the rest pretend to be doing something. My favorite projects so far are: Card Flicking Penny Cup, Slinkage, Lemon vs Lime, Mouth Microbes, The Un-Named Color Recognition Project, Chew Gives You Cancer, Suspense-ion Bridge Is Falling Down, and Aluminum vs Wood. OK, so they're not ALL my favorites. They're just the ones I remember. And I took liberty with a couple of the titles. We'll see how they turn out.

This week is dragging on. Thank the Gummi Mary, next week is only 2 and a half days for the students. Of course, I will have conferences until 7:00 or 8:00 on two nights. And one of the days off is the Science Fair, but that will not be like work. Next week kicks off 4th Quarter.

The school year is almost over, you know.


Cazzie!!! said...

A science fair., ohhh, can I come? I d love it!!
Great your son didnt miss the limo ride, he deserved the ride for his efforts :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Sure, c'mon over. We may even give you a limo ride.