Sunday, March 2, 2008

We've Lost Our Title

Aww, shucks! Missouri is no longer the Meth Capital of the U.S. California has stolen our thunder. Oh, we still have the MOST meth labs. But CA is outproducing us. Like 50 to 1. Who knew those Californians were so productive?

The forecast calls for rain changing to sleet and snow Monday night. We've already missed 10 days of school this year. What's another one? The Pony's regional spelling bee thingy is Monday night. This is the third scheduling, methinks. He wants to get it over with. The #1 son missed his while he was gone to the conference with me. A girl from his school placed 4th. It makes me wonder how he would have done, what with winning the whole shebang at his school. He doesn't seem to mind. He got a cool plaque for winning, anyway. All The Pony got was a piece of paper with the date and time of the next contest.

I don't care if we get another day off. We really need to go to school so my students can work on their science projects. Especially the ones who want to enter the Science Fair at a local college. I'm afraid they won't have time to complete their entry forms and meet the deadline. I have some students who are not getting the message about a science project. They think a model of a volacano will suffice. Or a report on the evils of demon chew. They can not grasp the concept of The Scientific Method. I will have to pound it into their heads every single day until the project is due. The chew boys, upon being told that they must design a procedure and actually TEST some aspect of their idea, replied that they would chew different brands to "see which was best". I told them that is NOT ACCEPTABLE, which means I will not accept it. So they said one of them would give it to his uncle, because he's not very healthy anyway. These two little critters better knock it off. I don't know how to make it clearer, unless it is to have the principal call them in and 'explain'. I am planning to email one's mother. I think she would like to know.

My boy finished his 'experimentation' stage. I don't like the sound of that. Anyhoo...all he needs to do now is write it up and make his graphs and put together his display. Without his absent partner.

Speaking of that #1 son, he is at this moment being a Guitar Hero, and the sound is driving me crazy. Pardon me while I put an end to the concert.

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