Saturday, March 8, 2008

HH Takes The Cake

Three words, people. Center. Turn. Lane. What do you think that yellow-lined-and-arrowed section between the opposing traffic lanes is, exactly? Some work of modern art? A play area for toddlers? A lost-and-found for single shoes and hubcaps to wait until their owners come back? A time-out for road-raging drivers? Angle parking for people with white-line-fever to take a nap? A separate lane for drivers undecided on which way to go? A helicopter landing zone? A signal to aliens from urban areas, where there are no crop circles available? Directions for 747s? Busy work for state highway department employees who are naughty? Court markings for that popular game Go Play In Traffic?

I am tired of people slamming on their brakes, sitting until oncoming traffic has cleared, and then turning left ACROSS A FREAKIN' TURN LANE! Yeah. You might have noticed my chagrin.

In other news, the entrance/exit of our gravel road and the county road has a hole in it. Not a pothole, though there are plenty of those as well. I'm talkin' 'bout a hole in the gravel where you can see where a big culvert-type pipe should be, but there is bent metal and a hole. I call shenanigans on those trucks that raped the land and hauled TONS of rocks out of here. Not so much on the trucks themselves...that would be a bit personifyingly inaccurate. I call the shenanigans on the land-owner who pimped out his acre, and the truck driver who KNEW his truck was too heavy on this road. Oh, well. It's nearly spring. Some ignorant self-employed hillbilly will soon bring a load of tree limbs and dump them across the road. That happens every year. Perhaps it will strengthen the Mansion outer road threshold.

HH takes the cake. Literally. He took the boys to some carnival-like shindig at the armory, where The Veteran had a booth, and won a triple chocolate cake in the cakewalk. That HH. You can count on him when there's free food to be had. I also saw a two-liter bottle of Sprite, but I'm afraid to ask what he did to win that. The Pony had a handful of noise-making clacker-type toys. "Look, Mom! I won a lot!" Thank the Gummi Mary, the #1 son arrived empty-handed.

I already want my lost hour of sleep back, and I haven't even lost it yet.


Cazzie!!! said...

I don't think we will ever truly be in the black ever again with sleep... "No rest for the wicked" goes through my mind that often, LOL.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Ain't that the truth! Tomorrow, when I get to my classroom at 7:30, and the clock still says '6:30', I will really be yearnin' for that extra hour.