Friday, February 29, 2008

An Odd Conglomeration

News Flash! Possession is now only 1/7 of the law! Who knew? Certainly not Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, who had scheduled the computer lab in good faith with the computer teacher on Wednesday to use for four hours on Friday. But no. As soon as I went to get the key and unlock the door, somebody else laid claim to my lab. And acted all pissy about it. I call foul!

The computer teacher asked if I would leave and let that other one have it the other six hours. So you know what? I agreed to give it up at the end of 1st hour. Because Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is a pacifist. She will bend with the tide and cooperate with her peers, and when that old summative evaluation time rolls around, the pissy peers with get marked higher in the category of interpersonal relations than Mrs. HM, who will only get a 'satisfactory' for all her trouble. That's how it works. Squeaky wheels, you know.

Oh, and my ex-best-friend Mabel, hereafter referred to as 'Taunto', repaid my favor of bestowing her with fresh Chex Mix by taking it to the office, standing outside the window, and shaking it in an early Eddie Murphy stand-up 'you ain't got no ice cream' moment. So today, I brought some of my precious Chex Mix to my NEW best friend, the secretary, and my NEXT best friend, the principal, and my 4th Quarter best friend, Math Crony. Take that, Taunto! That'll learn ya to go flaunting Mrs. HM's Chex Mix, heretofore seen as a holiday consumable.

It's been quite a day. I also found out why that Anger Girl didn't wallop the Purse Girl yesterday. Anger Girl told her other classmates that if she goes 3 days without an argument, her anger management counselor takes her out to eat. Apparently, the way to a girl's anger is through her stomach.

I had a teary-eyed moment this afternoon at an assembly to give items to the troops. What with the soldier bringing his toddler son along, and talking about how he had only just completed basic training and was going to some special training and then shipping out, and how you had to go when Uncle Sam said it was time to go, no questions asked, and him having another baby on the way, and my own Veteran finally here locally after 3 tours of duty, it was just a bit much for my cold, cold heart, which thawed a little bitty bit, with the melt-water filling up my eyes.

Because some things in life are just not fair.

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