Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Two Bees Are Better Than One

OK, now I have two spelling bee champions living under my Mansion roof. And HH is not one of them. My 7th-grade #1 son took the middle school contest today. Oh, and his next round will be on February 14. That locks up my birthday and Valentine's Day. Good thing I am OH SO UNPOPULAR and had no plans for those days.

The Shootist moved his crapola off our Upper 10. I suppose those county deputies put the fear of redneck justice into him. I keep picturing a bandy-legged Yosemite Sam, hoppin' mad, tossing junk back onto his own side of the property line. But I have a feeling this feud is still simmering on a back burner.

Can you break your neck by falling asleep and jolting awake when your head bobs over your keyboard? Just wondering, because sweet, sweet Histinex is kicking my butt right now. But I am coughless.

Tomorrow is Vegetable Soup and Grilled Cheese day at school. My favorite school lunch. Today called for mini corn dogs, but they served regular corn dogs instead. It made no nevermind to me. I brought my lunch. Oh, and I observed Math Crony chowing down on some bean soup, or beans and ham, or something rife with navy beans, and she was putting broken-up saltine crackers into them! That is just wrong. Crackers do not belong with the beans. And chicken nuggets do not belong on the floor. I saw one go flying yesterday. It smacked against the wall, and landed behind the principal. He was not the target. It was an accidental ricochet. I believe the target was a kid called 'catfish'. We called out the girl's name, which is a common one, and half the cafeteria yanked their heads around. The guilty party said, "What!" The principal told her to pick it up, so she did.

Hope I haven't raised your heart rate too much with all this excitement. It's time for me to toddle off to the recliner, after a side trip to the laundry room to toss in a load of perpetual laundry.

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