Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Thought Thursday #7-08

Thursday again. It keeps rollin' around, whether I'm ready for it or not.

I prefer to get my no-school-phone-tree-call the night before. Not at 5:00 a.m.

Sleet is some slippery stuff.

My paycheck wants to be deposited.

A pot of chili is a good supper during an ice storm. With some garlic toast on the side.

No school for me until Wednesday. Read it and weep.

What if school is canceled Monday and Tuesday? I will be working for free!!! I call foul! I will still have to make up those days in May.

In case you were wondering...the capital of Brazil is not 'Montezuma'. Just sayin'...I learned that at the academic team match on Tuesday.

If you carefully calculate which of three chew bones should go to which of three dogs, and hand them out accordingly, the three dogs will all put the bones on the porch and walk away to sniff another dog's bone. And one dog will end up with two bones, another will have one, and one poor dog will have none. Dogs. They're animals!

The #1 son's preferred outfit to wear outside at 20 degrees in sleet and freezing rain is pajamas, flip-flops, and a $10 coat from The Devil's Playground.

The spellings bees, both scheduled for tonight, have been canceled. The #1 son's bee is to be made up on Monday night. He will be gone with me. I asked him if he wanted to change his mind, and he barked, "NO! I'm going with you!" I hate for him to miss it. His teacher called to tell me this morning, and she really bragged on him. I had told her last year, he is a child of Spell Check. He's been doing really well at academic team as well. He answered 17 questions the other day in the 62-30 win. And he answered them RIGHT.

The Pony's Old Lappy CD drive is kaput. It is still under warranty or the service agreement or something, but we will have to send it off. Poor Pony. He gets a free laptop, and the thing he uses most breaks. Have I mentioned that I will never buy an HP computer again? Look for a slightly longer unemployment line in India. Those service reps will become obsolete with my boys not calling them once a week.

The Democratic debate is tonight. I'll be watching. I wonder if John McCain will be kicked back, sock feet up on the coffee table, bowl of popcorn in his lap, one arm around his Barbie wife, one arm around his girlfriend...Oops! Did I say that out loud? There I go again, letting my thoughts out. Shame on me.

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