Friday, February 15, 2008

The Pony Turns Ten

Surprise, surprise! No school today. I was resigned to going. The phone tree didn't branch out until 10:15 last night. I had watched the early news from 9:00 to 10:00 with eternal hope, but when we were not one of the eight schools canceled, I switched back to CNN for another round of Hillary-bashing. Around 10:10, during a commercial, I switched back to the ONE station that our school notifies for cancellation. There we were! The very last one! I did what any sane eternal optimist would do, and called my mom to see if she saw it on her TV. Yep. She did. While on the cell with her, my real phone rang. It was the branch above me. He said he had seen it on the news, and called the principal, who said that he was just getting ready to call everyone. It seems that around the same time, about five other schools, big schools, also canceled. Anyhoo...I've had the whole week off, one day at a time.

Today is The Pony's tenth birthday. I'd write a little ode to him, but I'm not comfortable with sharing mushy gushy memories of my boy with the entire innernets. I'm more likely to write it in a notebook to give him when he's 21 and can appreciate fine literature. I'm taking him to see The Spiderwick Chronicles this afternoon. He doesn't ask for much, that Pony. No sleepover and CiCi's and bowling parties for him. He's getting three computer games tonight. Shh...don't tell him. He also requested an Oreo Cake instead of a store-bought cake with buttercream icing. (I know, Mabel! What is wrong with him?) The cake is baked. In fact, he has already eaten two pieces. One for breakfast, and one for lunch. He wanted another as a snack, but I drew the line. Don't tell HH about the breakfast and lunch. HH thinks everyone needs meat for every meal.

The #1 son has eaten up another hard drive, this one on his New Lappy. He already got the new one, and sent back the old one, but is awaiting the software to save his data. I'm not sure how he's going to do that without the old hard drive, but that's his problem. He's all restless and annoying without New Lappy. It's like crack for him. He's withdrawing. The only thing that seems to calm him is a little game I call 'Torturing My Little Brother'. I know to intervene when I hear the thumping of little Pony hooves, and screams of terror. Of course, there is always a logical explanation. "I don't know what's going on. I was just laying in my room watching TV when he ran in here and flopped on the floor and started thrashing around and screaming. Ask him." I have found that The Stockholm Syndrome takes effect very quickly.

Now I must go put some jeans in the dryer, because the boys will not have any pants to wear to the movie. I could make them wear a couple of my big shirts, like unfashionable dresses, but that would probably not go over very well, even with a belt to cinch the waist, and a pair of red Devil's Playground fake-Crocs to complement the outfit.

Kids these days. They're OH SO FASHION-CONSCIOUS.

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