Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot Expensive Phone Experience With Happy Bidding

Another day off for ME on Thursday! WooHoo! Some teachers will be complaining that we will have to go until the end of May, but thank the Gummi Mary, I know that the school year is almost over!

We ventured to town today, because HH was running out of money on his cash budget. The roads were fine once we hit the state road and the townie roads. But our county road was a slippery sloppy mess, and our gravel road did not get the message that it was 29 degrees and sunny. It was a solid pavement of hard-packed white stuff. You couldn't even see tracks in most of it. I am OH SO GLAD that I have the LSUV with 4WD.

The Pony's birthday is Friday. He has requested an Oreo Cake from the kitchen of Hillbilly Mom. The #1 son is a cheap brother, and says he will only buy The Pony a present if he does not have to pay, because he is saving for a new phone. The Pony, unwise in the ways of the world, offered, "If you get me a present, I will give you $25 for your phone." Poor Pony. There's one of him born every minute, I suppose.

Speaking of the new phone, #1 wanted to buy one off eBay. I refused. I will not buy electronics off eBay. It's just a general principle I have, what with some local people arrested a few years ago for selling laptops, and mailing the buyers boxes of rocks. So the kid thought he would outsmart me, and gave me this link to see where else he could get his special phone. Take a look. Don't cost nothin'. This is it. I did not take the bait. Let's see...what was it that made me think this might not be a good deal? Was it:

*the cartoonish drawing of the phone that is not even a real photograph
*"Having a Hot expensive phone experience with spending ten times less."
*"Check out more on this Brand new lovely Garget."
*"Let's have world Phone experience!!"
*"Please read the following policy before the happy bidding."
* Or all of the following:

  1. We reserve the right to sell the item after 48 hours after you win the bidding, when no payment received. (please email us, if there is any situation)
  2. PayPal is only payment method.
  3. Our auto system will open unpaid dispute for all 7 days late payment
  4. For bank transfer, please ask our UK bank account information

1. We handle your parcel within 48 hours after the payment confirmed
2. By tracking mail, 5-15 business days to arrive, from the day of clear payment.
3. We only ship to verified PayPal address.

*We accept exchange on the first month from from the date of receiving, which we will pay one way of shipping for you.
*We accept exchange on the first 3 months from receiving, from which buyer need to pay both ways of shipping fee.
*We guarantee they are 100% brand new from Factory, there is no refund
*We reserve the right to sell to account whose score are lower than 100

*We do the price watcher for you, you will find our unique product are still with Best price in the world.
*We ship every working day for you, our customers told our item even arrival faster than local sellers sometimes.
*We believe you don't just buy the quality product, but the quality experience to buy from us.

*Provide the professional sunshine feeling to our customers and turn out to have mutually positive feedback.

*We believe communication solve all problems.

Umm...I don't think so. He can buy a good ol' American phone made in China, but we are not gonna buy one from China.

Not even for a Hot expensive phone experience with Happy bidding.


DPA said...

Amazing. Only a kid could find something so shady.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah. He's mad because I wouldn't let him order it. Go figure.

Just A Girl said...

I ordered mine off ebay...but it was actually legit. THANK THE GUMMI MARY.

Stewed Hamm said...

I for one can't understand why he's even searching for a phone when he could have already won like five of them from clicking on those pop-up ads...

Hillbilly Mom said...

You are OH SO LUCKY to have been under the watchful eye of the Gummi Mary. You must have been on a crest of your biorhythm chart to be so lucky. Go buy some scratchers, and hope that Even Steven is not lurking around your dooryard.

I'm sure it's not for a lack of trying. Maybe that's why he eats up hard drives at the rate of 3 per year.