Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Return

I'm baaaaack. And I don't want to go to school on Wednesday. It's my duty day, plus I had the sub that left me the note which read, "Boys are flirtatious." So I'm expecting some brouhaha to be a-brewin' when I return. I don't care if they did their work. I've only had two substitutes who actually followed my plans, so I just leave them some Science World magazines and worksheets. No trusting the vital GLEs to a sub.

We got back to school town around 1:30. I stopped and took The Pony out of school early. Because I can. And I didn't want to hang around for 90 minutes just to wait on him. He did not complain. When the school social worker who was relieving the secretary buzzed The Pony's classroom and told his teacher to send him to the office, he was leaving...I heard my little Pony say, "Already?" He thought his grandma was picking him up after school. And he wasn't even disappointed that it was me instead of her.

The Pony had a birthday on the 15th, and all he got was 3 computer games. Which cost a pretty penny, by the way. He already had one of them, and we have yet to return it to The Devil's Playground. Usually, his grandma gets him a present, but there was that inconvenient ice storm, and she just gave him money. The poor Pony lamented the other day, "I wish I had gotten more for my birthday." Not in a spoiled way. #1 son, the squeaky wheel, always gets a party or some flamboyant gift. I felt bad for The Pony. So I got him some things at the conference. We already gave him the pirate treasure chest. He loves it. Later tonight, he's getting a long twisty sucker on a wooden stick, a bag of magnetic rocks, a bag of gemstones, a hand-carved wooden 'secret box', a glass egg with a little stand, a twig pencil, and a gummi rat. The rat is from his brother. Most of the stuff will go in his new pirate chest. The Pony is all about the treasures. He's excited. He already did his homework. When #1 gets home, The Pony gets the rest of the loot.

Now we are waiting for #1 to call. He had an academic team meet, and my mom volunteered to bring him home. I don't want her all the way out here on our bad roads, so I am meeting her in town. She's a peach. The boy, on the other hand, is cutting into my Big Brother 9 and Democratic Debate time.

I'll plan tomorrow's lessons while I am on duty in the parking lot before school. Priorities, you know.

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