Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The roads have been striped with saltwater. My lesson plans are laid out. My room has been sub-proofed. My Little Pony is planning on staying up a half hour late to watch Cash & Treasures: Colonial Artifacts. The #1 son is floating on Cloud 9 in Hog Heaven with his new iPhone. All that's missing is the snow. There is so little snow, in fact, that there are no clouds. We have a grand view of the total lunar eclipse off our back deck. It won't happen again until 2010!

I should stop counting my chickens. They may not hatch until tomorrow evening. That would be too late to miss school. I'm thinkin' that I may not be back at school until next Wednesday. Wouldn't that be OH SO SAD? If this nonexistent storm drags out, I might miss tomorrow and Friday. Hey! It could happen. That's why I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off getting things ready today. I didn't even set a spell with buddy Mabel at the assembly we had today. I was busy grading today's papers so I could enter the scores in the computer and print out the weekly grades that are to be preserved every week. Duh. Somebody please tell Mabel, because I am OH SO BUSY. Weekly grades should be printed every week. Who knew? Not Mabel. It is only the 7th week that we have been back from Christmas break, you know. Maybe Mabel isn't keeping the Old Red Gradebook (she ain't what she used to be--the gradebook, not Mabel) and can't see the school year measured out in 36 installments. Mabel is marching to her own drum, methinks. And thankfully, unlike another Mathie, Mabel marches without a pair of floral panties dangling out her pants leg. She's a classy gal, our Mabel.

The Pony left his pack in the LSUV overnight. I had nothing to put his lunch in. This morning, I made him carry it to the LSUV, dump yesterday's leftover sandwich carcass from his lunch sack, and put in the new items. A simple chore, I thought. When The Pony climbed out at Elementia, he reached back in the car. "Oh. I forgot my SpongeBob gummies. I was sitting on them." #1 added, "Hey! He might have made a new Gummi Mary!" If so, she would have to be a MiniMary. They don't put many gummies in those packages.

Perhaps they won't call off school until tomorrow morning. I don't really like that scenario, but I'll take it. Since I would already be up and dressed, I would wake the kids with a vengeance, and drag them to town before the roads get too bad, to put my check in the bank. Don't you hate it when you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor? I couldn't do it tonight because the academic team meet was not over until 4:55, and everybody told me the bank closes at 5:00 unless it is Friday. And if the weather gets bad, I won't be leaving the Mansion until Sunday morning at 6:00 to go to my conference, and then I would have to hold onto my check until Tuesday afternoon, and we all know that a check held that long will burn a hole in your pocket, and frankly, I don't feel like replacing my meager wardrobe with money I don't have from a burnt-up check.

Now, I shall go burn the midnight oil watching for school closings.


DPA said...

I'm jealous. Not of the snow-- just the snow days.

I know a mean teacher who's getting meaner and needs a break.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Don't fret. The school year is almost over, you know.

I tried to answer this 3 times. Each reply was the most scathingly brilliant response I've had in months. But when I dared to hit 'preview', New Blogger had the nerve to devour those scathingly brilliant words of mine and say 'Done' as an after-dinner burp.

Yeah. I'm a slow learner.