Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Late Edition

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is OH SO BUSY tonight. She didn't arrive home until 8:00 p.m., and forsook her loyal readers (Mabel) for a dose of Big Brother 9. Now Mrs. HM must type up her lesson plans for the two days she will be gone next week. Just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse on Thursday and/or Friday. What with her duties before and after school Wednesday, with a surprise meeting thrown in, and a make-up academic team meet, and that pesky paycheck to put in the bank, and prescriptions to pick up before the out-of-town trip, Mrs. HM is leaving nothing to chance. Everything will be laid out on her desk when she leaves school Wednesday evening. If the weather is normal, so be it. That's several fewer items to squeeze in before Friday afternoon.

Then there's that Science Fair info that Mrs. HM researched and printed out today for her #1 son. The son who won 1st place in his division last year. The son who was not informed of the Science Fair dates by his teacher this year. The Science Fair with an entry deadline of March 6. Talk about cutting it close. He is selecting a project that can be done in a week. The fair itself is not until March 20, so he will have ample time to research and put his project together. Of course, that should be half the responsibility of his partner he insists on retaining. The silent partner who is partner in name only, and used for companionship by the #1 son. Funny thing it would be if the partner wanted to do his OWN project this year. But I don't think that's gonna happen. Who would want to, what with half the prize money coming your way for sitting around one day answering questions from the judges.

That's all there is tonight. Mrs. HM has gone to enroll in a course in Making Hay While The Sun Shines. That's because Doing Work On Snow Days was canceled due to lack of interest.

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