Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still Kickin'

The world went on without me while I was gone to the conference. Go figure. While my students did not get a good report from the sub, they did not get a bad one, either. All papers were turned in, absences were recorded, some of the papers had been graded, and there were no inappropriate comments or walks around the building or off-color jokes told to my students. So I will have to grade that sub back to neutral for now.

We are kicking off our big science project extravaganza tomorrow. It will take us through three weeks of looking like we are doing something, and the students will unknowingly be getting a heavy dose of scientific inquiry skills. I have booked the computer lab for hours 1-4 on Friday. No mean feat, but since there is no sign-up-to-reserve system in Newmentia, I hope possession is still 9/10 of the law. I would hate to make a scene after booking with one of the two computer lab possessors. The other whiles away her mornings in Basementia, so I should have a leg to stand on.

This morning got off to a rocky start. What with returning from the conference to find that HH had rearranged all the living room furniture, I was a bit discombobulated throughout my morning routine. My napping recliner had been moved. My end table for setting my water and medicine was on the other side, along with the TV and dish remotes. The TV is at an angle that is not conducive to good watchin'. I overslept, and had to be awakened by my mother's wake-up call. The Pony laid on a different couch. It was all bad feng shui, I tell you.

I dropped off the #1 son at Basementia. Going down the hill on the way to Elementia, my heart skipped a beat. It was not from my deep, abiding love for The Pony. It was not from fear that some calamity might befall him during the school day. It was literally a skipped heartbeat. I had forgotten to take my medicine this morning. Sweet Gummi Mary! You do not want Mrs. Hillbilly Mom walking in to see what carnage two days of a substitute hath wrought, running out to do her parking lot duty, playing catch-up with the grading while maintaining order and doling out a healthy dose of learning all day, running copies needed by tomorrow, and rushing back to that blasted parking lot for duty again after school without being medicated! M-O-O-N. That spells 'better living through pharmaceuticals,' by cracky! I hurriedly called HH, who agreed to fish my meds out of the cabinet and bring them to me. So I'm still alive and kickin'.

Hey! Tomorrow is already Thursday! At this rate, the school year will be over before you know it!

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