Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conference In H*ll

High speed internet, baby! Oh, yeah! The drawback took me 5 minutes to type that. I am on NewLappy at my conferencde. as you can see I have stopped to correct errors. this should be faster. NewLappy has some keys a bit farther apart that I am accustomed to. Also, I am just lazy.

Ther came astorm last nibght during Catholic trivea. It was not over until 11:00. The Tivia, not the storm. yeah. Three inches of snow overnight. Maybe 4. We dalayed our trip to the conference by two hours so the main oroasds would be cleanr. Ib ke lets try that agaiub, One three-hour drive later. we were here. We checkined in at 12:00. By that I mean that ewe went to the desk and paid with a credit cartd and were told that sometime between now and 4:00 a room would be ready and here is a slip or paper with our front desk extension so you can c all. Umm...without a room, where are we supposed to get a house phone to call the extension? So ie went back after lunch, which is anoterh tale entirely. And I said, "Am I supposed to check byachk here until I get a rooom number? Because that other ladey told me it was on the 4th floor of E buildign, but she didn't give a room number." The girl who is the onoy nice person here said, "Well, it's ready now" and gave me my room keys whcihc mean credit card thingies and we were on our way to try to find it.

When I mived the LSUV from the main entrance, I ened up parking in the golf course lot where the surly door mand guy with maps of the complex told me. he said to take the sidewald between the chapel and the mini golf course thingy, which I knew must be a mistake, because it was ICE VOvered, and surely they would not want a lawsuit what with 900 people here this weekend. so we walked down the road and find another entrance, but you can't get there from here, becauae the stairs had a baby gate metal thingy saying only use for emergencies. So we asked some asian maids and they said to take the elevator up one floor and use the walkway over the road, whcih we did. But the we didn't know how to come back after lunch and get back to the parking area with out walking around the building in the roasd. My boy found a way after going to every floor ane looking for a back door. Then we walked up the ice covered stairs and i told him I might light down and scream and then I oculd ifile and injury lawsuit against them for megligence without actually hurting, but i could still get the painkillers and the money.

Now let's talk lunch.. It was supposed to be served until 12:45. My Lower Basementia Buddy and I got there at 12:15. All lines had been closed up except on. There was some tired saldad, some king of mini potato balls, some fried chicken and some BBQ something slices. I wnet for the chicken, thinking I was getting two thighs. I tried a slice of BBQ something, a rooll with butter, and a piece of spice cake. We tried to go back through the little cattle gate we came in through, seeningas how it ws us and two tother peple at the food line. Oh no. Two workers told us we must use the exit gtavte so we woulnd't get trampled. As if. So instead of walking 10 feet to our talble, we made a diagonal trip to the opposite cornier adn took a 100 foot walk. That's exponential! LBB is a mathie, you know. So we had to sit at a used talble with other people's chicken bones on the tablecloth, and their dirty drinking glasses. I saw two glassed still upside down, so we figureed the were safe. LBB saw a worker cleaning up tables, and said, 'Ma'am, if you tell me where I can find it, I'lll go get some tea." The workder sighed heavily, and grabbed up a pitcher. She came and pouured it into the cglass. There was no ice. The tea was barely brownere than ther water I asked for. After onother heavy sigh, she brought me a pitcher of what looked like lake water. i t was not clear, but had a grienish brown tint tyo ity. I dramk a bit, but not too mu ch . Not enough to get Sigh-a-zuma's Revenge. Teh chicken turned out to be not thights but back. Back bones coated with breaded breading. I scraped it apert, ate teh two bites of meat that I found, then tried the BBQ . It was pork. cold, jellied, pork. The roll was good. The spice cake was good. That's all the good I can say.

By the time I ameade it to a oconference room, it was one i didn't awwant to tstart with. About smartboard stuff, and i can't even get the smartboard for my end of the hall. It took 90 minutes out of my life, and tomorrow I will attend more that I didn't ask for. That's likfe, I supoose.

Look forward to more from newlappy tomorrow night. If you dayre.

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