Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sleet Is My New Best Friend

Wednesday will be Day 3 of the bestest ever birthday present nobody gave Hillbilly Mom. We are out of school again. But on the down side, my grandma sent me a birthday card on Friday, and it has not yet arrived. Carrier Pigeons could have gotten the job done quicker, by cracky! On the other hand, it's quite possible that my grandma forgot to mail my card, and sent one to The Pony instead. He got one today, with $20 in it. His birthday is not until Friday. I can't get no respect.

HH must feel bad after the $2 change purse debacle. He brought me some Hot & Sour Soup for supper. Oh, and he brought TWO. "In case you want one tomorrow." Yeah. That's the guilt talkin'. Then he accused the #1 son of drinking his 20 oz. Diet Coke that he brought home after Kathy Griffin Sunday night. I swore as a witness that I did not see the boy with the soda. He drank a regular Coke from a can. HH carried on a bit more, and then said, "Oh. That's right. I drank it last night." Then a man arrived at the Mansion door to borrow a tool, and HH led him to the BARn and back to the basement of the Mansion and out to the truck and back to the BARn, where they found the three-quarter inch socket on a shelf under a cloth. I don't know if to declare early-onset Alzheimer's, or an elaborate ruse.

My TV Guide horoscope said this could be my most creative week of the year. I'm not feelin' it. Which does not bode well for this blog.

There is nothing to report, what with school being out, the roads iced up like a 6-month-old Totino's Pizza, and The Pony, the #1 son and I going to our separate corners all day. HH won $25 in a Super Bowl pool, but did not know it until today. I don't know what he's been up to, but supposedly it was at some convenience store on the way to work. Which tells me he spends way too much time at the convenience store. "Why didn't you and YourNiece tell me on the way to Kathy Griffin? It was on the big sign out front 'Mr. Hillbilly Mom, stop in and claim your Super Bowl winnings'. Didn't you see it?" Umm...no. Why didn't he see it driving to and from work all those days since the Super Bowl? And why didn't he ask why Niece'sBoyfriend didn't see it? He was in the LSUV with us. Is he exempt? Are men not required to read signs along the road?

I'm packin' it in for the night. The juices ain't a-flowin'. Time to get ready for the premiere of Big Brother 9.

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