Sunday, November 4, 2007

Random Thought...Sunday

Tonight I'm giving you Random Thought Sunday. Because I can.

A perk to living in the country is that you can throw your garbage off the back deck.

Old boiled eggs make excellent targets for BB gun practice.

Hounds will eat the targets if they are left unattended.

I'm gel-in' like a felon. Whatever that stupid commercial means. I invested in some Dr. Scholl insoles for my walking shoes. Now my heel doesn't hurt like I have plantar fasciitis. Blogger does not like Scholl and fasciitis.

Monday morning, HH is taking the boys to school. That means he has to wake them and see that they are dressed appropriately and eat breakfast and brush their teeth and comb their hair and go to the bathroom and remember their homework and backpacks and lunch money and lunch. And that they leave on time. I am not optimistic.

I have to take my mom to the hospital for a bit of surgery on Monday. She has to be there at 6:30 a.m. I'm hoping she doesn't wake up during HER surgery. At least she's not having it on Halloween like I did, so she won't have to look up from the bed on the way to surgery and see a clown and a witch and Raggedy Ann.

I've had a headache all day. I usually don't get headaches. I finally popped an ibuprofen, because that Tylenol stuff might as well be a placebo for me. It has never worked. Unless it has a nice number after it, like 3, and has some codeine up its sleeve. Then it puts me to sleep in 5 minutes or less.

The Devil's Playground has a big ol' decorated Christmas tree just inside the entrance, and was piping traditional Christmas carols throughout the store. Whatever happened to their nondenominational stance? Or does this just happen in Hillmomba?

I couldn't resist buying all my guys some snow boots. They have the thick rubber soles and cushy gray liner and the floppy camouflage top with a drawstring to keep out the snow. I get sick of trying to lace and unlace wet shoestrings. And dry out socks on the stair rail. There were some funky Napoleon Dynamite-looking boots, too, but I drew the line at the camouflage.

As you can see, I am quite optimistic about a snowy winter. And I haven't even cut open a persimmon or seen a woolly worm.

Christmas shopping online with dial-up is a bit like letting your Amish buddy enter the Indy 500. Not advisable.

So many books. So little time. I really want to take a week and do nothing but read these new books I've got stockpiled.

Mabel is the best friend Chex Mix can buy.

One of my teaching buddies left early Friday to get a flu shot. She has sworn for years that she would NEVER get a flu shot. Last year she got the flu.

The Amazing Race starts tonight. I loooves me some Amazing Race.

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