Saturday, September 1, 2007

Snitting With HM

I have waited all day for something interesting to happen, but it didn't. Now I have to create something out of nothing. My boy and I played bar trivia last night with our regular crew. Of course I won. That boy is too young to know a lot of the old music/movie/TV questions. Nobody had to plunge their own toilet. We had a different waitress, who was efficient without being intrusive. They are OH SO HARD to find.

I had a cartload of bargain groceries to pay for this evening in the Save-A-Lot. A frazzled woman with a bag of chips lined up behind me. There was only one checker, and he was a stock boy. Not that he wasn't efficient...he had five of us in line. I told the chip woman that she could go ahead of me. She said, "Are you sure?" Yeah, lady. I'm being nice, even though people piss me off. She moved in front of me. And another checker walked by and told me, "Ma'am, I can take you over here." Karma, baby!

HH had told us he was taking his #1 son to a car show tonight, picking him up at 5:00. Funny 5:10 we ran into HH at Casey's, filling a cooler with ice. And he had the nerve to ask us where WE were going. That's the thing about HH: different rules apply to him than to everybody else. He's mad because the boy and I played trivia last night. I even called him before he left work, and told him we were playing, and offered to bring him something for supper. Nope. He was mad. Two weeks ago we went to the trivia place with HH. He was grumpy and no fun. He complained about the food. He wouldn't play trivia, or even talk to us. He left and took the #2 son with him, before we had even played a full round. Dang him. He has been cranky all day about it. According to him, "How would you feel if I went out to dinner with two women from work? Oh, and if I took the boy with me?" I wouldn't give a rat's behind if he called and told me. Thing is...he used to call and say he was working late when in actuality the management people were out drinking on a Friday evening. So I figure I've got a lot of paying back allotted to me. Never mind that he goes bowling every week. I think I should be allowed trivia every week if I want to go. Besides, I take the kids with me. He doesn't. Grrrr. I just may have to dock his allowance.

The lawn is dead. With temps over 100 for the past two weeks, and no rain, the $850 lawnmower has only been used once since its purchase. Another good investment by HH. And he's taking a day off work this month to go to the Case Knife Outlet Store in Lebanon for some big shindig. At least that's his story. Who knows. I only believe about half of what he tells me. Like when he told me a couple years ago that he didn't win any prize money from bowling league, and then Mystro, my trivia buddy who used to bowl in that league, told me HH won $80. It took HH a whole year to make the connection and figure out how I knew. It hit him at a parade, when he saw Mystro marching by. So don't go thinking poor, hardworking HH is being beaten up here on a regular basis for no reason. He gives me reasons a-plenty. And if this is the worst thing I do about it, he's got it pretty easy, I'd say.

I can't imagine how he would react if I pulled some of his shenanigans.


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Hillbilly Mom said...

Thanks, buddy. I think I felt my heart thaw just a fraction of a degree.