Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's My Duty

I'm a bit busy tonight. I just returned from selling tickets at a game, which was not something I would ever volunteer to do, you see, but is part of my job. And Mrs. Hillbilly Mom never shirks her duties. It wasn't so much selling tickets as taking money and not giving out any tickets, because what good would tickets do, anyway, besides get thrown on the floor, and that really isn't doing any good in my book, or the custodian's, either, though neither of us have written books, but both read quite a bit.

We had a busy day at school, meeting with our department for the last 3 hours, and typing a bunch of gobbledegook on computers in the library. Which are just not all that nice, if you ask me, which I don't believe anybody did, but I am telling you for your own good. Just when I got on a roll, really cutting into some stuff that has to be done yesterday, it was time to go to that gosh-darn not-ticket-selling-volunteer-duty-job. Of course my youngest child had to go with me, and this night of all nights, had homework in 3 subjects, when all he has had all year was Math. So I had to check his work, and read the local paper, and make small talk with my mom, who came to watch the game with the kids, except they both spent their time doing homework, and can you believe it, these rude people kept interrupting me, wanting to buy tickets! There are no tickets! But I DID take their money. It was the least I could do. And believe you me, I am very good at doing the least.

Oh, and out in my little hallway sector, a couple of girls from the opposing team came to the drinking fountain to water themselves. One was drinking, and the other stood at the side of the drinking fountain KICKING IT and smirking at me when I frowned at her, which most often is Teacher for STOP IT, but apparently this girl did not speak Teacher, and kept on a-kickin'. I do not know what purpose that served, besides making Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's blood boil, because first of all, she had to DO something about it. Which was holler, "Hey! Stop that!" At just that moment, 3 people walked by in front of me, and when they reached the Pele of the drinking fountain set, the man said, "Hey! Stop that!" At first I thought he was mocking ME, but then it seemed like he was mocking HER for getting in trouble. And wouldn't you know it, one of those ladies was her mom or grandma, because she stopped and talked to her. I don't know what was said, probably something about what a rude b*tch I am, but Pele said loud and whiningly, "BUT THE WAAATER'S NOT HIGH ENOUGH." I could not bite my tongue. That might hurt. So I shouted, "KICKING IT ISN'T GOING TO MAKE IT WORK!" The mouthing kind of stopped after that, with Pele looking all sulky. Now she will go home and cut herself until the voices stop. Anyhoo, I don't care if they complain about me. That's no way for a guest in our school to act. Great Googley Moogley! That drinking fountain has been there for nigh on 90 years. Well, the school has. I'm not so sure they had drinking fountains way back then. Show some respect, girly, and you'll get some.

I came home to find that HH had grilled himself 10 bratwursts for dinner. I'm asking myself that same question. He didn't eat them all, of course. But apparently one pack can not be separated from its buddy, because it would pine away in the bottom of the fridge and die. If it wasn't already dead, of course.

That's about all the enlightening I can do for today. I just don't have any more in me.


Mean Teacher said...

I need to buy a laptop. Ask the knowledgeable one for some input! Tell him I'll let him break it and fix it as many times as he wants.

Mean Teacher said...

I need to buy a laptop. Ask the knowledgeable one for some input! Tell him I'll let him break it and fix it as many times as he wants.

Hillbilly Mom said...

How'd you do that? Are you the Doublemint Twins? Is that reference so old that you don't even know what I'm talking about?

I'll ask my resident computer genius what he recommends, and get back to you.

LanternLight said...


Sadly we're both of an age where kicking it used to work just fine for getting the TV working.
(valve tv's and all)

Remember waiting 30 seconds for the TV to warm up?

Laws, yes.

Mean Teacher said...

I remember the Doublemint twins. Always so active-- riding bikes and going surfing.

Because of the demands of my job, I have apparently developed the ability to do two things simultaneously. (Or in this case the same thing twice.. at once.)

My next trick-- be in two places at once.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm not familiar with that kind of TV. Is it, like, with vacuum tubes or something? Though I DO remember them having to warm up.

Those darn Doublemint Twins! They always had twice as much fun as the rest of us! They need to sit down on a painted park bench with that freaky Mentos guy and CHILL.

I'm glad I can't be in two places at once. I would have twice the work, and be twice as behind, but not having twice the fun like those darn Doublemint Twins.

Stewed Hamm said...

There's nothing wrong with a piece of machinery that a little percussive maintenance won't fix.

Also, "shirking your duty" sounds like something dirty.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Apparently, you went to the Fonzie School of Machinery Repair.

Hmm...so you caught on to my little euphemism, huh?