Friday, September 21, 2007

A Bit Of Opinion

I have nothing to say on this Friday night. Nothing of interest that I can report has happened. My boys got their progress reports, the lowest score between the two of them being 95%, the highest being 106%, which puts most of their grades around the 100% that these numbers average. Amazing how good TV is at raising kids. All I can take credit for is talking to them in my wordy way, giving them the vocabulary of old fogies.

Here is a question for you...Do schools have an obligation to punish kids who misbehave on the way to school? I'm not talkin' bus riders, or shenanigans on school property. I'm talkin' tomfoolery between the time they leave home, and the time they set foot on school property. Here's my example, ripped from the headlines. By that, I mean 'ripped from Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's eyeballs and eardrums'.

I had duty on the parking lot this week. Imagine my surprise when I saw some administrators come outside with an irate woman. Yeah. Cause things like that never happen at a school. But this was not a parent. This was some woman in a business suit who had a bone to pick with one of our students.

Seems that Business Lady was on her way to work. She encountered a carload of kids who were driving too fast. She harped about them going at least twice the speed limit. That road is dangerous. Something must be done about this behavior. She even drove through the parking lots of two of our schools looking for the car. She found it. She went inside to complain.

At what point do schools stop being the wardens of our youth? Why is it OUR problem that this kid was speeding? Why didn't that Business Lady call the police? That would seem the most logical to me. Let them catch Speedy, and give him a ticket. What are WE supposed to do with him? Give him detention for something he did on his own time? Take away his keys? Hey! Isn't that what his parents should do? How about calling them? Is that our job, too? Why didn't she just get the license number and file a complaint?

Oh, and how about Business Lady stalking the students? How is that right? Can just anybody cruise around school parking lots? Better not let the pedophiles know that. So why can somebody stalk our students willy-nilly? Business Lady had no business on our school property. What if she was a thief? Or operating a rolling drug store? It boggles my mind. Just sit her down and call the police for her. That's my opinion. That's probably why I'm not in charge.

Great Googley Moogley! Next, we'll be offering 24-hour student surveillance services.


Mean Teacher said...

Sounds to me like she had too much time on her hands. The administrators should have laughed in her face and told her to call the cops if she had a problem, but to get off campus immediately before THEY called them.

She sounds like exactly the kind of stupid bitch who thinks everything kids do is the fault of the schools.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think perhaps the tactic was to smile and nod, or frown and nod, and get her out of there as soon as possible, taking the bee in her bonnet with her. The kid said he was told not to do it again, or the school would have to call his dad. So it looked like we did something, when really we had no business doing anything. As the kid said, "Let them call my dad. As long as they don't call my MOM."