Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Thought Thursday #4

Once again, it is time for Random Thought Thursday. I wish I had made a Note-To-Self about all my random thoughts since last week. Since I didn't, I'll have to dredge the top of my head and the tip of my tongue.

A backpack is not important until it's gone.

A little boy should not be sad that he didn't get called up and recognized at the big assembly because he only scored 'Advanced' in two out of the three MAP testing areas. What happened to the I'm-OK-You're-OK-Everybody's-A-Winner mentality when you need it?

Grandmas make the world go round.

A Baur Baur Baur dog on the porch is worth two sleepless mornings in the recliner.

Will I be hurting someone's tender self-esteem if I reward the kids in a certain group who were good with a shiny new mechanical pencil? If you're the boy who stated his career goal was to be a supermodel, you better bring your own writing instrument. To sign all those contracts and autographs, don't you know.

Hot & Sour Soup should balance that fine line between hotness and sourness, and not have an overwhelming red-peppery bouquet.

Snide, sneaky students who on the surface cause no trouble do not like it when the person in front of them is absent, and they are in full view of the teacher in their snarky whispered comments to the reader-of-the-paragraph.

I just had the most scathingly brilliant idea for a post. It involves a parody of a D H Lawrence poem. It will be good. REALLY! I know Meanie will enjoy it. She's of the poetry persuasion. The rest of you, get some culture, will ya? It's coming in a few days. Or tomorrow. I'm a seething cauldron of creativity tonight. Or maybe it's just gas.

Does it seem petty and ungrateful that I have been told I will be attending an educational conference in February, for 3 days at a lake resort, and I do not want to go? I mean, really. A lake resort. In FEBRUARY. And I've been there numerous times on other conferences. See what happens when you join the core subject teacher ranks again? You become un-invisible. And what about the children?

I've got more stuff in my skull than I thought.

We didn't get mail today. I think the mailman is holding out on me. Just Saturday, he gave me two pieces of another person's mail. Then Monday, he gave me that veterinarian postcard about poor Candy and her doggie liver transplant. I have not had mail delivery this bad since the day I complained about getting other people's mail and none of my own. Just watch. Tomorrow, I'll get a truckload of my own mail.

The world is out to get me. That's what the voices say.

My son is a bad egg. He took his computer-controlled rocket launcher thingy to school in his backpack, after I told him not to. That is OH SO WRONG. He could easily have left it in the LSUV to get after school. But what is even OH SO WRONGER is that when Mabel's mathie crony came to my room to borrow some Wite-Out, that rotten egghead shot her with it!!! And then he tried to say he was aiming at his brother. Lucky for us the crony is child-friendly.

Never believe that a computer survey is anonymous. I'm talkin' to you, Mr G. I've grown accustomed to having lunch with you again, and would hate to see you disappear.

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