Sunday, September 9, 2007

Caught You!

I think I caught some disease from the snot. You know, the anonymous snot that glommed onto my hand Friday when I tried to move a desk. It is giving me snot. Snot that trickles down the back of my throat, snot that wheezes its way out of my lungs and into my throat so I can harumph about 4 times per minute. My neck balls are all swelled up. Neck balls: that's what an old friend used to call those glands under your jaw, the ones that get the mumps. Well, not any more they don't, unless they belong to some homeschooled youngster whose parent is some kind of hippie, because the mumps vaccine is required for school attendance. It's one of the Ms in the MMR vaccine.

Anyhoo...I thought I could catch more readers with snot than with shower crud. That's the other thing I'm thinkin' about today. That and catching some flies. I'm debating on whether to use honey or vinegar. I have completed one layer of sandblasting on my shower so far. Not so much sandblasting as Comet-with-Bleachblasting. Now the shower is lying dormant under a coat of Comet paste, bleaching. I used to have this newfangled automatic shower-cleaning thingy. Actually, I still have it, hanging in the shower. It is just nonworking right now. See? I have to do everything around here. I told HH back in May that it was not working. He didn't do anything about it. Even after several more reminders. Now don't go thinking it has been 4 months since I cleaned my shower. The point is that HH is too lazy even to push the button on the automatic thingy, and didn't know it wasn't working. Even though I told him at least once a month. He finally checked it last week, and declared that it was because the batteries were dead. Unfortunately, my children eat batteries like they are candy. Not really, of course, because then my children would be dead. More candy for ME! Harumph. Sorry about that. It would be just my luck that if HH ever put in a dishwasher, it would run on batteries, and once they were used up, I would never be able to use that dishwasher again. That's how HH rolls.

I completed the order form for my #2 son's school fundraiser of outrageously overpriced food items, which is due tomorrow. I looked over the order form for his outrageously overpriced school pictures, which will be taken in two weeks. I am awaiting the arrival of merchandise from my other son's outrageously overpriced candy fundraiser. And I wrote out a check to Scholastic Book Clubs. They're surprisingly economical. But then, I have to order them every month.

This week brings us an early out on Wednesday, for a teacher inservice. WooHoo! I get out of two and a half class periods, and one of them is my planning period. At this rate, I'll never get caught up. The end of this week also means we are half-way through 1st Quarter already. One-eighth of the school year will be gone. Who woulda thunk it?

The school year is almost over, you know.


Cazzie!!! said...

Sooo, how many sleeps is that away? You know...end of school year? HAha, my kids are counting down. Mia has less than 22 days left of kindergarten and then she begins school next year..yayy she says...but she does not realise that this is like a 13 year wish I was back in grade school :(

LanternLight said...

I use Domestios bleach to clean our shower walls. It's snot a problem to put it on.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Even though it's not far away, I haven't counted up the days yet. My oldest absolutely loved school from the very first day, and still does. The other one...not so much.

That's a brand I don't recognize. I don't think we have it here. But we DO have plenty of snot.

Redneck Diva said...

Agh, the snot again!

I have outlawed and boycotted fundraisers in our house. We did GS cookies last year, but even those are gone this year. Halleluiah! I hate raising funds unless those funds go directly to me. Which, last time I checked, paying $10 for a tub of crappy cookie dough didn't benefit me in the least.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I leave it up to my kids if they want to sell. I don't think the school should pimp out the students.

Stewed Hamm said...

Diva, did I read that right? You've outlawed GSC's? Are you some kind of communist?
Seriously, I was under the impression that boycotting Girl Scout Cookies in Oklahoma would earn you a swift ass kicking. You better hope that the Okie Blogger voters don't hear about this.