Sunday, September 30, 2007

Frittering Time With HM

I'm feeling a little tired this afternoon. This morning I arose bright and early at 8:00 and took my #1 son to church to run the PowerPoint, and took my other son to The Devil's Playground for the things we forgot yesterday. I then washed a bunch of dishes and put away the purchased merchandise.

After that I was contemplating some school work or laundry, but instead wrote a book in my head, with ideas for 3 sequels, sent off a query letter, sorted through some rejections, sent the first three chapters in a proposal, got myself an agent, went on tour with my bestseller, optioned the movie rights, and then sat in the recliner with my feet up until lunch time. Whew! I didn't even have time to cash my advance and royalty checks, what with this being Sunday and all.

Now that I've rested, I can get on with the everyday routine. By evening, maybe I'll be ready to spend my PowerBall millions.

I've got quite a bit of school work...a lab type up, a list of vocab. words for the nonlabbers to keep busy, one class worth of lesson plans, some evaluation instruments (which are just tests or activities to assess specific learning objects for certain items in the curriculum), three or four algebra worksheets to create...and that should do it. That should fill a couple hours. The laundry can wait until I have time. It seems like only yesterday it was Friday, with the whole weekend stretched ahead of me. I think the Mansion sits in some kind of funky time warp, where time accelerates on the weekends. Something's rotten in the space-time continuum, methinks. Or maybe I just need to throw out a bag of potatoes in the pantry.

I also have to send in my tainted hamburger bar codes and sell-by dates. Because here at the Mansion, we're all about the money. It doesn't grow on trees, you know. And we're on a cash budget.

This week brings a dentist visit on Tuesday. I am not looking forward to it.

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