Monday, October 1, 2007

Biting Criticism

I have nothing much to say. Don't get your hopes up. That won't stop me.

The #1 son and I went for a walk last night. Not far. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom doesn't like to sweat. The boy pointed out the yellowjacket nest so I didn't walk right on top of it and get a plethora of stings like HH did when he mowed over it last year. No, it wasn't in Redneck Diva's furnace room. I'm not stalking her that tightly at the moment. Oh, and the boy must think my footsteps are equivalent to a loudly vibrating thrashing mower thingy. Go figure! It's about what I'd expect from the child who warned me about being 'bitten' by the yellowjackets. Ain't no bitin' about it. They STING. Whether or not they bite is none of my concern. It's the sting that I'm worried about. He is hard-headed like his dad. He says a substitute teacher told them about yellowjackets when a girl in class was bitten by one. I suppose the next time she subs, they will cut an 'X' in the girl's skin, and suck out the venom from the yellowjacket bite.

Tonight the boy rode his bike. Like he can't keep up with my walking pace, by cracky. Oh, and the bike had flat tires, and he hauled a mini-compressor-thingy up on the porch to plug it in, and then it had the wrong size valve thingies, and he had to haul it back to the garage, and, well, he got more workout from that than from riding the bike with flat tires. One neighbor dog approached me on my own land, and I said his name, and he thought he was my new best friend, so I had to shout "NO", which generally deters an overly-friendly canine. The other neighbor dog barked at me from his own yard. I will be sending him a plat so he can see how the property lines lie, poor thing. To save him future embarrassment.

I spent the day watching kids run soap under water. It's my job. I'm giving two tests this week. I reviewed some stuff with diagrams on the board, and my DoNot class actually knew what I was talking about. Maybe there's something to this osmosis business, because they never listen when I teach or read or question or discuss with them. Then again, it could be because they've all had the class at least one time before.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow. The dentist awaits.

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