Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wagering Work Week

I will be going to work tomorrow. That is not so remarkable, except for the fact that Mabel and I had already planned on getting subs because we knew one of us was going to win that $314 million PowerBall drawing, and we were going to take our winnings to Harrah's, because what better to do with money that you win on the lottery than to play the slots? Thank the Gummi Mary that we still have a chance to win a couple hundred million in the MegaMillions drawing Tuesday night. See, I just happened to be talking to Mabel when I pulled into the convenience store formerly known as Citgo to buy my PowerBall loser. I offered to buy her a ticket, too. Now she is returning the favor with MegaMillions. Mabel and I are trustworthy. There won't be a big lawsuit on who the REAL owner of the ticket is. HH is the one to watch.

HH buys his own PowerBall tickets. He overheard me tell the #1 son that I was going to email Mabel her numbers before 8:00 p.m. HH was flabbergasted. "You oughta wait till you see if it's a winner." I told him he's the kind of guy who will take your $20 to play in Vegas, and when he returns home, he says, "Sorry. Your money lost. I, on the other hand, hit the jackpot." Yeah. HH. That's how he rolls.

This will be a busy week. The #1 son and I have dental appointments which have been scheduled since the first week of August. Mine is on Tuesday, and his is on Thursday, and I think we are both getting three fillings. Friday I found out that a faculty meeting has been called for Tuesday afternoon, and another one for specific teachers on Thurdsay (though I have known about that one since last Monday). I suppose we will make our appointments on time. What is the point of scheduling in the afternoon if you are just going to have to change them anyway? I could just as well have scheduled them during the day, and used a sick day, and would not even have to attend the meetings. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be conscientious. Right, Mabel? Mabel advises me to use my sick days. She says that once I'm gone, nobody is going to say, "That Mrs. Hillbilly Mom! She always came to school, no matter whether she was sick, or had important things to tend to such as her husband having surgery on his big toe, or her mom having her FAT RED PINKY FINGER almost amputated." NO. According to Mabel, they will say, "Who's Mrs. Hillbilly Mom?" That Mabel. She is great for my self-esteem.

Yes, this will be a busy week, and then we are off next Monday for Labor Day, and have an early out on Sept. 12 for in-service, and Progress Reports are due on Sept. 17, and I have to sell tickets at the volleyball game on Sept. 18, and...well...THE SCHOOL YEAR IS ALMOST OVER!


Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, how is your mums finger now?
If I won powerball I'd come on over and visit you all and we could go to Disney land :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Her finger has a pin in it, and doesn't bend, but it is still there, and not fat and red anymore.

WooHoo! Disneyland! The kids would love it. Me, not so much. Because people piss me off.