Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Tooth, About Candy

I survived the dentist. This time...

All he did was put a temporary temporary filling on my molar. It had kind a permanent temporary on it for the last 3 years. Guess what? I need a crown. I knew that 3 years ago. Anyhoo...I am going back next week for x-rays and a precrown thingy, and then back in September for the crown. And a cleaning. After that, I will have to sell the Mansion and live in a cardboard box down by the river and eat free cheese. I wonder if I can rig up some rats in a hamster wheel to power my new computer.

The limpy toe boy is still hobbling, but the injury hasn't hampered his habit of sneaking snacks and candy. There was almost an incident concerning Reese's Peanut Butter Cups yesterday. #2 son went to the store with me last time, and picked them out. They were his. He ate one per day. Then #1 found them and helped himself, all the while taunting his little brother with, "I'm eating your Reese's!" in a sing-songy voice. That boy needs to go back to school. NOW!

#1 'forgot' to take the trash dumpster up to the road last night. I forgot to 'remind' him this morning, until 11:45, when he was in the shower. He rushed out and dragged that big green monster 1/8 mile up the driveway. We thought it was too late, since they used to pick up before 7:00 a.m. But nooooo! When we left at 12:45 to go to the dentist, there came the trash truck. It was his lucky day. Because even though HH used to forget to take out the trash 2 weeks out of 4 each month, he has plenty to say about the forgetting when it happens to his successor.

We managed to outsmart him again, by cracky! Which is not saying much. Outsmarting HH is as easy as stealing candy from My Little Pony.


Cazzie!!! said...

Ewww the dentisst!!

Mean Teacher said...

The dentist sucks. I hate it. When I was 12, I got braces, and I had them for 5 years. After all those visits to the pediatric dentist, I was pretty immune to it. Nothing scared me. Then I graduated to the grown-up dentist, and have yet to find a decent one. I'd be happy if I could just find who will give me a decent amount of goofy gas when I need it. I prefer to be floating on the ceiling while unpleasant things are happening to me.

I guess the joy of not being a new teacher is that you get to stay home with #1 and #2 and HH longer. I've been at work for two weeks.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm so glad you feel my pain!

This time I didn't even have the nitrous, because I didn't have to get the pain shot. The tooth has already had a root canal. I was not happy with the grinding and clamping and spit-sucking extravaganza, but I was too embarrassed to ask for the gas. There was a freakin' 12-inch ceramic clown sitting up on the divider thingy, by cracky, and I was in the first chair/treatment station thingy in that open office, and people in the waiting room could see me. I couldn't be such a big baby and ask for that sweet, sweet nitrous oxide.

Well, we're a bit backward here in Missouri. My school only has ONE extra day of orientation for new teachers. And we only had one new teacher this year, at the elementary. That is quite a record for our district. Methinks we are doing something right. I start on August 13. Students come on August 16.

Mean Teacher said...

I guess two weeks of crap for one person would be kinda dumb. Then again, two weeks of crap for all of the new people in our district still seems excessive. But I have to admit I feel better prepared.

I'm wondering what they're doing that causes so much teacher turnover, because things seem like they're gonna be relatively well structured, etc. There was almost zero teacher turnover in the school I attended through 8th grade. I remember a couple of ppl retiring and being replaced by younger teachers, but nobody ever just quit. One day I'd like to work in a place where there's only one new teacher per year. It does say that things are going well there.

The kids will be there Wednesday the 8th.

Stewed Hamm said...

One new teacher a year... like that "Hogwarts" place, right?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Good to know that you face the line of fire before I do.

Since I was born yesterday, promptly fell off the turnip truck, and lived the rest of my short life under a rock, I must ask: "What is this 'Hogwarts' of which you speak?" I'm thinking it might have something to do with Homer's pig, 'Hairy Plopper'.