Monday, August 6, 2007

HM's Tech Support Walks The Plank

If my resident computer genius was not protected by child endangerment laws, I would set him adrift. That boy is getting a black spot fer shure, by cracky!

My Sonny #1 is in the doghouse. Not really. He's in his bed. It's 7:50 p.m. Go figure. He has been staying up waaay to late. Today we went to school, and he had to get up early at 8:00. So now he has a sick headache, and is OH SO PITIFUL. I think he needs water. Hydration can do miracles for a headache. Let's see, how much water did he drink today? NONE! But he had a Sprite and a Pepsi. That boy won't listen to reason, AKA, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom.

The reason I wished him in the doghouse is because he has the computer situation at the Mansion all messed up. He moved my new Delly into place in my basement lair, and promised to set up Crashy on HH's old kitchen table, which is also in the basement. Well. Crashy looks like he will work, but much like the disable-bodied men caught waterskiing by the insurance fraud caseworker, Crashy refuses to earn his keep. He is dead to me. So I am on Schooly, because I have issues with Delly and my secret identity blog at the moment, and preferred to keep on truckin' on good ol' Crashy. The problem with Schooly is that he cohabits with Desky, a can of air, my old laser printer who will not work with Delly, an ancient VCR, a printer, a router, a hub,
5 speakers, an eyeball thingy to let people watch you while you hope they are not those Dateline sting dudes, a joystick, two monitors, sometimes Lappy, and...the partridge has the day off to shop for a less-crowded pear tree. I am cramped, and typing to my left when I prefer to type to my right. In other words, because I like words, you like words, we all scream for more and more words on Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's posts...the monitor is to my right, and I'm not used to looking that way.

When sleeping beauty wakes up, I'm going to give him what-for. He has built himself a control panel to rival the orbiting space station, and I am feeling out of place in the midst of all this technology. Technology is not my friend.

I've had quite a day. Perhaps I will tell you about it tomorrow, after there is more incompetence to add to it.

If people are in charge of holding up the sky, you can bet that it is going to fall on my cold, dead, finger-pointing hand. Before I can jump in the handbasket.


LanternLight said...

If you're looking at buying a replacement, you might want to try here:

If people are in charge of holding up the sky,

I'm sure your radiant smile and OH SO PRETTY looks will keep that sky in it's place.


Hillbilly Mom said...

My Delly is working like a charm. I am currently refusing to blog from him as a matter of principle. It is not Delly's fault. I can't let him hear words of replacement at this early date.

M-O-O-N! That spells, "The world better not depend on Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's looks to hold up the sky!"

LanternLight said...

M-O-O-N! That spells, "I've seen the beer can photo!"


Redneck Diva said...

Having more than one computer in a house does pose problems. I have rearranged my desks so many times I'm about ready to call Ty Pennington and have him make my office over extremely. If he's not been drinking, that is. I don't think he needs another DUI, poor cute fella.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yikes! That's as good as it gets.

We have 5 now, plus Lappy. And with my multitude of books piled around here, I'm thinking of calling myself a library and charging town people $5 for a card.