Sunday, August 19, 2007

Money Laundering

It looks like I will have to wait until Wednesday now to win the big PowerBall jackpot. I'll wave to you from the front porch. You'll recognize me. I'll be the one next to HH in his tighty whiteys pointing a shotgun at the cameras.

I've spent the day as a laundress, having washed 5 loads and folded about 10. I do not enjoy laundry. That is why my laundry room usually looks like a Goodwill store exploded in there. I still have two loads waiting, but they can wait until tomorrow night. I can't hear them complaining. I sorted through a bunch of outgrown boy clothes, and am in the process of finding homes for them. It doesn't do to save #1 son's clothes for #2, because it takes him over three years to grow into them. The boys are three years and two months apart, but #1 has always been the tallest in his class, and #2 is a tad below average. And he's built like Skeletor as well. I tried saving things back when he was a toddler, but by the time he could fit into them, I'd forgotten where I'd stored them. So now I offer all but the school logo shirts to other teachers before I haul them down to Goodwill. There is a multitude of boy children among the faculty, so they are usually passed on. #1 has always outgrown his clothes faster than he can wear them out. #2 is the kid who skins the knees out of all his pants before they get too short.

Back to the salt mines tomorrow. I feel like I am not really working, what with staying in one building all day, and not starting the day twice, only dealing with one set of rules, and having a textbook for two of my three classes (with resource material as well). I do miss seeing my boy's smiling face pop up every now and then, but he will be in this building in a couple of years, in my own class, by cracky, so I'd better enjoy the time away from him now. The boys like coming to this building after school. #2 gets off the bus within 3 minutes of the bell, and does NOT miss the 20 minutes he used to spend riding that bus to Basementia. He goes right to my computer and starts gaming. I expect that he will start having math homework this week, so it will have to come first, but he is very good about that. All #1 son misses is his time to hang out at Basementia and chat with his teachers. He has about 1 minute to hop on a bus and ride over here in 5 minutes. Funny how that bus takes 5 minutes going one way, and 20 going the other.

One thing that disappoints me about my new schedule is that I never see Mabel. Since I have real classes this year, I have no time to speak to her on her plan time when she is running off 50,000 copies per day. At least that's what the other teachers who have that plan time tell me. I don't know WHY Mabel can't be like that one teacher who already has ALL of his copies made for the entire year. I can not visit Mabel on my plan time because, well, that would require that I walk a quarter mile, and if I did that on a regular basis, I might accidentally lose a pound, and then I would not be so jolly and entertaining. That, and I have work to do on my plan time.

I'm settling into the routine. The school year is almost over, you know.


Stewed Hamm said...

Now I completely understand why you never post pictures of your kids. My Little Pony crossed with Skeletor sounds pretty effin creepy.

Funny how when you start doing real things, Mabel disappears...

Betty said...

You seem to have everything under control. Hope you have a good year.

Janet said...

Ahh back to school. Every year brings with it the promise of improvement upon the year before. One can dream anyway.

I'm here upon recommendation of Apple. I'm writing a blog post to explain it all shortly. Hope you'll swing by!:)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah, that Little Pony is quite bony. Mabel has been making herself scarce lately. I think she is still experimenting with our new gradebook program.

Thanks OH SO MUCH. I would like to think I'm prepared, but blog appearances can be deceiving. I will be in the swing of things after a quarter of doing what I'm doing.

Welcome. I always have high hopes at the beginning of the school year. Most of the time, things go as planned. I'll drop in and see what you've got cookin'.

JustLinda said...

I think we're like laundry-twins. I have the same goodwill decor in my laundry room and the same challenges with keeping clothes from the bigger ones and not finding them when it's finally time that the others will fit in. Bah. I'm waiting for the nudist movement to catch on in a large scale sort of way. That'll take care of everything.

LanternLight said...

Shoot, I go away for a while and I miss all the good stuff!

Talk of SUVs, chicken pluckers, dry erase markers (what's wrong with chalk I ask you?), HM being an ogre with her class rules, and we know how you feel about Mabel, the Yeti of the blogsphere, we're never seen her either :-)

Hillbilly Mom said...

My 9-year-old has only seen the top of the dryer twice in his lifetime. Not that I'm bragging...

Well, you didn't miss any pictures of me in my Coors Light suit, or photos of the elusive Mabel.

Chalk is SO five minutes ago. You must use dry-erase markers on white board now, because they are harder to erase, and you have to use baby wipes to get the ghost letters off, and the colors are more stimulating to the kids, and it's kind of like using PowerPoint when a good old-fashioned overhead projector would do.