Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Day Titters

This was practically the most pain-free first day I've ever had. Nothing takes the starch out of an 8th grader better than being a 9th grader in a new building. All classes but the after-lunch one were docile and enjoyable. The other...a bit apathetic with one threepeater thrown in. Though not bad at all from some classes I've experienced.

Guess what! I learned some new info from the Book of Common Knowledge today. Let's preface this by saying that after going over the course description, and emphasizing Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's Never Ever List, we played Science Trivia. Only it was NOT trivia, because science is important, doggone it, and we were dealing in important facts that are taught in Middle School. Even so, many people who took the internet quiz did not know their MS science facts. Oh, and one of my classes actually said, before we started, "Umm...just so you know? We're really terrible at science." Perhaps not the best thing to tell their new science teacher. So, I divided the class in half, read a question with 4 answer choices, and the carnage began. Here are some things you might not realize:

The scientist who developed antiseptic surgery techniques was Charles Antiseptic.

Neil Armstrong is that guy who rides a bicycle.

The igneous rock that is light enough to float is limestone.

Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn are golfers.

A honeybee and a flower have a parasitic relationship. Except when they have a 'sharing' relationship.

Hook wrote about Natural Selection. That's when he wasn't busy starring in that movie.

It is a bit awkward to discuss how 'Rubella' is commonly called 'German Measles' when you have a German exchange student in the front row.

And from Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's personal file, you may want to make a Note To Self: Dry erase markers are not dry, and do not erase from a shirt collar. Ever. With any amount of baby wipes and GermX and faculty bathroom soap. So don't get it on you right before 1st Hour on the first day of school.


Damnyankee said...

And here I thought it was developed by Dr. Tichenor! Back to school for me.

JustLinda said...

I was reading those interesting facts and have committed them to memory. I think I already knew about Neil Armstrong being the cyclist and maybe even the limestone thing. But I'm just smart like that. Obviously, I aced my freshman science. Yep...

I am laughing over the dry erase bit though. Sorry to laugh at your expense (but then you always have made me laugh... how are things? long time, no comment, huh?)

Mean Teacher said...

I have a kid who refused to get a book off the shelf. He said, "I ain't gonna get one cause I hate reading."

This is English class. Tough sh*t! You will read and you will like it!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Poor Dr. Tichenor. Joseph Lister stole his thunder, and became know as The Father of Antiseptic Surgery.

Good to know that you are well-versed in The Book of Common Knowledge. As for the marker, let me elaborate a bit:

light blue shirt
forest green marker

Don't hate me because I'm stylin'. Hate me because I cut down on my commenting midway through the summer, leaving them on only two blogs regularly. I'm a lazy hillbilly, by cracky!

Don't spare the rod!