Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Great Googley Moogley! It's the night before school starts, and our electricity has been off since 4:40 p.m. Yep. Just after I popped a pizza in the oven (minus the cardboard plate this time, thank you very much) the house went dead. HH was not home yet. The #1 son got everything turned off, ready to go over the checklist and fire up Gennie. Guess what. Gennie doesn't like to cook, either. That was ALL we had on. Except the refrigerator. You'd think Gennie could at least do kitchen work. But no. We left the pizza in for 45 minutes. It was pretty good, for not cooking it 27 minutes at 400 degrees. Perhaps we should have set it out on the front porch. It was probably hotter than the inside of the oven.

While HH was sitting on the hot front porch, thankfully not in his underwear this time, the neighbors drove by on their way to borrow a generator smaller than Gennie. They gave HH a Bud Light, and told him the power wouldn't be back on until 11:00. They had talked to a real live person at AmerenUE. Darn! They have connections. That is the same time the recording told me, though. Lappy the Big Fat Liar said it would be restored at 7:00. Lappy's pants are going to burst into flame faster than an unattended Texas playground if he doesn't change his ways. Gennie did allow us to watch TV in the dark. It was getting pretty darn toasty in the westward-facing living room, so I went down to my basement lair. I took a flashlight and turned on the big screen TV. Oh. Guess what. A thunderstorm rolled through and the Dish lost its signal. If it weren't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all.

HH went to the BARn and drained the lifeblood out of his lawnmowers. Including the $850 one that has been used once since he brought it home. Gennie has a powerful thirst. Around 9:00, HH decided to drive to town for more Gennie Juice. He had been gone 5 minutes when the dusk to dawn light came to life. HH reappeared soon after, having run into a roadblock of AmerenUE trucks before he hit the main road. As he was turning around, he saw other lights coming on in the other Whos' houses. I'm guessing that they all lit on both sides. Now we are cooling down, and I have lost all interest in doing something useful towards work tomorrow. The sky won't fall if I don't start with a lesson the first day. We can play "What Do You Know?" about the science GLEs. And they can hear me discuss the list of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's Never Evers. Maybe I'll post them for you tomorrow, if you're really good.

The temperature when I left work today was 111. That's too hot for Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. Her goiter does not take kindly to the heat. Just last night, Mrs. HM almost expired from the heat, what with lounging around her mother's house for 2 hours before open house, and not being accustomed to the 80 degree temperature INSIDE the house. Don't you worry about Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, though. After a 15 minute drive blasting max air at top speed, and the chugging of a bottle of water, HM was ready to face the Open House crowd. It went well. Even though the temp outside was 106, the temp in DoNotLand was a balmy 70 degrees. Whew! Thank the Gummi Mary we have individual thermostats in our rooms.

Now I'm off to browse some educational websites. I may have visions of pseudopods dancing in my head tonight.

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