Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm All Shook Up

Not really. Seems there was an earthquake this morning in Illinois the did some damage in St. Louis and even a neighboring county. None here. That I am aware of. I didn't even feel it, consciously.

I have a Little Ben alarm clock that malfunctions frequently. Ben has been quite contrary lately. He is set to go off at 4:10 a.m. It used to be 4:20, but I need the extra time to pack The Pony's lunch. Ben kept mum this morning. I woke myself up, saw that is was past time, made a stop in the bathroom, then went to the kitchen to take medicine. The microwave clock told me it was 4:41. Mmmhmm. That earthquake must have been what woke me up at 3:37. But I don't recall. I was dreaming about riding the short bus. Not a really short bus, more like a three-quarters bus, and it slid downhill because of a freakish late snow, and stopped short of a plank that acted as a bridge across a shallow lake filled with old bottles. Don't go lookin' in your dream analysis books, people. I already did. The result was not flattering.

Anyhoo, no damage here, but down by HH's old St. Louis plant, a bridge started falling apart a little bit on Kingshighway near Shaw and Vandeventer. Sucks to work in the city, I suppose. The kids were afraid we would end up in the drink on the way to school. We only cross 5 bridges. But they know as well as I that MODOT does not lavish tender loving care on our infrastructure. I am pleased to report that we survived.

So I can complain another day.

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