Friday, April 4, 2008

Can YOU Break The Code?

Mrs. HM has a bee in her bonnet. A thorn in her side. A bone of contention stuck in her craw. She is hot to trot. And not in the good way. At this moment, she is second-guessing a move she made three hours ago. Such is life.

There is an ill wind blowing in Basementia. The victim has been blamed. Please excuse me whilst I type in code for confidentiality. Mabel should grasp the gist of this. I found out after school today that The Emperor is being accused of having clothes! I know. I could not believe it either. And the accusation was public, not private. So I did what any self-respecting Hillbilly Mom would do, and got on the horn to my Basementia Insider to seek advice. One needs to know which way the wind is blowing before stirring any poo, you know.

The BI was all about blowing the horn to the General to chastise the Private. Me, not so much. I felt that it was better to call out the Private directly, since we're all in this battle together. But if no satisfaction is to be gotten, or if the Private chooses to set his sights on ME instead of ceasing and desisting, then IT IS ONNNN, baby! I will sing to the General, and perform an entire opera for the Commander In Chief. That's the way I roll. I will not stand for bullying, whether it is from my underlings, or within my own ranks. The shenanigans shall stop, or a certain Private shall rue the day he targeted the Emperor of Hillmomba for his punching boy.

My first move was to send a communication to the Private detailing the facts, with an invitation to contact ME with any further questions or assumptions, and leave The Emperor out of it. I think the Private will read the message loud and clear. Mrs. HM has fingers, and she knows how to use them. The Private may find himself in hot water if he continues his little game of Rat and Mouse. Methinks he will take exception to this little no-love-lost note, and fire back forthwith. I will welcome such a reply with a fully-loaded HP Deskjet 901C.

And a word to the wise. Mrs. HM documents all transgressions against her kingdom.

Just sayin'...

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