Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Unknown Corpse

Halloween at the Mansion is just like any other night. HH had a fit, the #1 son demanded that I cook him something other than the 4 meals he was offered, and The Pony entertained himself and stayed out of the ruckus. I don't get no respect.

Outside the Mansion, I have no comment. Too many people are pissing me off. Shame on them. Don't ask my opinion if you don't want the answer.

Mabel is still campaigning for Turkey of the Year. Tomorrow is the official contest kick-off. Perhaps she should have a debate with other leading candidates. That would be a hoot. Maybe I should suggest it to the sponsor in case we need a time-filler after an assembly.

I am not a Chatty Patty tonight. My last nerve is frazzled. I have work that I had to bring home tonight because HELLO I had duty before and after school, and that eats up about an hour of my working time at work. I'm a busy little beaver.

My dogs had a dead carcass in the yard when I got home. I could not tell what species. The Pony was betting on a squirrel. The #1 boy had no opinion, due to a lolling head and spit drooling down onto his shirt. Methinks the Halloween Dance should be held on a Friday next year, not a Tuesday. Upon further investigation, the corpse turned out to be that of a yellow-beaked and -footed fowl. I have no idea how the dogs rustled up a bird. They must have taken it way from one of the five cats. Probably the unfriendly one that the rest of them hate, who won't attempt to feed at the food dish, who forages for her meals. Ain't that the unkindest cut of all? Do all that work to catch yourself a birdie, and the bullies take it away. They didn't even want to eat it. They only wanted to fling it into the air and chomp on it again, and fight over it.

Kind of like the cookies a student brought to my class 7th hour. I can't thank Math Crony enough for that good deed.

Now I'm off to watch the GhostHunters live from the Waverly Sanatorium.


Just A Girl said...

Did you make it through all 6 hours? We have the last three recorded to watch this weekend. It was kind of boring if you ask me....

Hillbilly Mom said...

I only lasted from 8:00 to 11:00. I agree with you. The GhostHunters just didn't have their usual spark.

Here's the thing...When Grant and Steve put down that ball for 'Timmy' to move, why didn't they leave a camera on it the first time? That is SO unlike them. Big deal. It moved 16 feet while they were gone. You saw Grant find that guy sitting in the dark on the stairwell. And even though he said, "You didn't move that ball, did you?" that's not good enough for me. It smacks of faking. Too much coincidence. But not as bad as that Travel Channel show, Most Haunted. It is the fakest of the fake.

Just A Girl said...

I didn't see that part, I'll have to watch it again. I think they might have bit off more than they could chew with this episode. I think maybe doing the live show made it less entrancing. In the hour long show you don't watch them stand around and scratch their butts or discuss every stupid think they see. I think that this will make a significant drop in their ratings due to the public having the opportunity to take some of the magic away from it now that we;ve seen them doing it live.