Monday, October 22, 2007

Junior GhostHunters

My Junior GhostHunter was quite excited when I picked him up Saturday night. As were the little girls who ran wild-eyed out of the school. Seems they had some success this year with the hunting. Here's my boy's tale. But first, a prelude.

As we turned onto the county highway on the way to school, I asked my #1 son how he was going to see in a dark school at night. He did a Homer 'Doh!' and asked me to go back for his LED or LCD or some such flashlight. No dice. We would be late. I told him I thought I had a flashlight in the bottom of my purse. My mom gave it to me last Christmas, because she says everyone needs to carry a flashlight. The boy dug it out. "It's not as good as MY flashlight. Look. It's all yellow and hardly gives off any light." Duh. I told him it was still daylight, and no wonder the light wasn't bright. Plus, the batteries were a year old. I took him to Casey's when I got PowerBall (Which I won, thank you very much. Just the PowerBall. $3. WooHoo!). He loaded up the light, and even got in trouble by holding it 3 inches from my eye and shining it while I was driving, saying, "Look how much brighter it is now, Mom!" So to get even with him, when he stepped out of the LSUV at school, I picked it up off the seat and said, "Forgetting something?" and shined it in HIS eyes. He declared, "Hey! That's bright!"

The kids and their chaperone, Mr L, entered the building at 6:05. I left the boy and drove to my mom's house until time to pick him up. At 7:00, one of the parents told me they had come out, but had just gone back in for one more try. When they came out, they were abuzz with information. My boy said...

When we first went in, we went to the boiler room. There was supposedly a fire a long time ago that burned the building. I thought I saw a burn mark on the concrete, and said, "Look there." I shined my light on it. My friend wanted to try it. I handed him the flashlight, and it quit working when he put the beam on that mark. (It still does not work. Despite the new batteries, and another set of batteries). A girl's cell phone lost all its charge right then, too. We went into the library and Mr L told us a story. We waited. That's the only place I felt scared. Girlinmyclass asked, "Do you mean us harm?" and there was a thump. I think she watched that Most Haunted show the other night, Mom. I didn't feel scared anywhere else, but I felt tingly in a couple of places. I thought I heard noise like clicking or typing in the library. What did that place used to be? (Cafeteria.)

We went upstairs to your old room, the one that was the ISS room last year. Mr L said that the custodians used to hear furniture moving around in that room, and when they went upstairs, the light would be on. They would turn off the light, and then hear noise again later, and the light would be on. In the hall up there, I knocked twice on a locker. I said, "Can you repeat what I did?" I didn't hear anything. Partintheplayeveryyearboy thought he heard a thump. (Later on the recording, we head two knocks.) (Also, that room used to be a storage room full of Mabel's 8 metal cabinets and various junk before I took it over 8 years ago, and long ago, my husband says it was the office.)

We went in the storeroom under the bleachers, and heard what sounded like footsteps above us climbing the bleachers. One girl's video camera lost its charge, even though it was supposed to have 30 minutes left. We sat on the gym floor, and saw a girl's head by the exit light at the back steps that go down to the lunchroom. It faded in and out and was gone. Two others saw it first, and then I saw it. It was a girl with curly hair. You couldn't tell the color because it was red, but it looked light, but not blond. I thought I saw a pair of legs in that doorway, leaning against the frame. It had a slight build, so I thought it was a girl. It was in some kind of pants, like maybe you call them capri pants. Before we saw that stuff, Mr L asked, "Can you make any noise for us?" and we heard from the stage two knocks. I asked, "Did you play any sports here and is that why you make noises in the gym?" Girlinmyclass added, "Are you here, and if so, is there more than one of you?" We didn't hear anything. (Later on the recording, we heard a voice but couldn't understand it. It was like mmm mmm mmmhmmhmm mmm, like a sentence, then a loud NOISE, then more mumbling. A teacher who listened said the loud noise sounded like a chair moving, but all the investigators were sitting on the gym floor.)

In the cafeteria, nothing really happened. A few of us thought we heard some bumps over by the bathrooms, but not for sure. (There was nothing on the recording later.)

When we went outside to meet you guys, the lights flickered in the old ISS room, and then went off. We had left them off when we left that room.

That's my boy's spooky tale. I listened to that recording myself. It is definitely mumbling, some sort of sentence, after that one question. On Lappy, the sound wave thingies show up for the kids asking questions. Then it is an absolute straight line at that point where the mumbling and loud noise pop up. I also heard the thumps on other parts of the recording, after the questions were asked. It's a mystery to me what he captured. But I would not go in that building at night. Nope. Not me. And I never got a spooky vibe while working there. But I don't go looking for trouble. Or ghosties.

Oh, and I just tried to post this thingy at 8:58 p.m., but no dice. My trust Delly locked up with the message that every website I tried to connect with was unavailable, even though my dial-up thingy showed that I was connected. Oh, and then I did a restart and couldn't connect three times. I called in the boy, and he got it going the first time, even though he did exactly what I did. And then that b*tch New Blogger took 5 minutes to load, which says to me that I might as well have stayed with Old Blogger, because he's the one that brung me to this dance, but I digress. I don't know what shape this thingy will be in when posted, because I had the presence of mind to save it in my documents before the restart. Let's try this spooky tale again.

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