Sunday, October 21, 2007

Four Shame

I am SO stealing this from Redneck Diva. She won't mind. We've had a regular two-person swap meet goin' on for some time now. And my creative well is running dry. This will be good for what ails me. Tomorrow, I'll share the tale of the Junior GhostHunters.


Four Jobs I've Held

Teacher...of Science, Math, Language, Health, P.E., At-Risk (apparently, I'm a jack of all subjects, and master of none)
Unemployment Claim Adjudicator (It was like playing Solomon)
Pricer/Clerk/Cashier at an insurance salvage store (I got first crack at the 'bargains')
Park Board softball umpire/coach (17-year-old girls pitch FAST without much control)

Four Films I Could Watch Over And Over

The Trouble With Angels (a most scathingly brilliant film)
True Grit (for the very bad acting)
The Cutting Edge (toepick?)
Heartbreakers (oh, so wrong...but oh, so funny)

Four TV Shows I Watch

ER (I declare Luka and Abby the king and queen of network TV)
Little People, Big World (because Amy's house is messier than mine)
Amazing Race/Survivor/Big Brother (because essentially, they're all the same)
Ghost Hunters (because I've seen one)

Four Places I've Lived

Springfield, MO
Mountain Grove, MO
Sheldon, MO (I've pretty much covered all corners of the state)

Four Favorite Foods

Hot & Sour Soup (mmm...mmm...good)
Baked Potato
Roast w/potatoes, carrots, and onions
Big Salads

Four Websites I Visit Daily

My work website (because it's kind of required, to know what rules I'm breaking)
Mean Teacher (we gotta stick together)
Internet Movie Data Base (to see who's up to what)
GMail (just because)

Favorite Colors

Kelly Green
Lime Green
Sage Green
Teal (perhaps you detect a pattern)

Four Places I Would Love To Be Right Now

Here (because I love my dark basement lair)
Harrah's St. Louis (a casino is a girl's best friend)
A Trivia Contest (because I'm a know-it-all)
A Movie Theater (if there were any good movies, which there haven't been)

Four Names I Love But Would Not Use For My Children

No Favorites (a name, by any other name, is still a name)

The End. The End. The End. The End.


Mean Teacher said...

I like it. I shall steal it.

Hillbilly Mom said...

GO, Thief! Misappropriation is the sincerest form of flattery.