Saturday, October 20, 2007

A-Haunting We Will Go

My #1 son is off to be a GhostHunter tonight. He is on the school newspaper staff, and they are planning an investigation at the school for their Halloween issue. He is all excited about it. We went to The Devil's Playground, as we are wont to do on the weekends, and he purchased a recorder of some kind to pick up EVPs. He was testing it in his room earlier this afternoon, and brought his Lappy to the kitchen to show me his handiwork. He had that graph-voice line thingy like they actually have on GhostHunters. I do not think he will pick up any EVPs tonight. They are making an early evening of it, from 6:00 to 7:00. Still, I would not want to go in there with them. Even with two sponsors. And even though I worked in that building for 8 years and never had any paranormal experiences.

Not the case in one of my other schools. I blogged about it way back when. In case you weren't a regular here at the Mansion then, here it is. It's the same old story. It is Halloween season, after all, so I might as well tell that old chestnut again. It is what it is. It scared the bejebus out of me.

And if you're in the mood for more scarin', here are my other true-life hair-raisers. I shall refer to them by name, and put them in order of my original posting.

1 Haunted Bedroom
2 Haunted Basement
3 Smells, Sounds, and Night-Time Visitors
4 The Haunted Gym linked above
5 Haunted Gym Haunts Others, Too

Here are a few pictures from my hauntings. They don't show anything, just what the places looked like.

A freakishly artistic shot of the "Haunted Gym". Or IS it?
The fateful "trail of fears" area my fellow coach had to cross while being 'followed'.
My Mansion at dusk, looking a bit foreboding.
Mr. Chest O. Drawers, who I suspect of acting up in my boy's bedroom, and then eventually in the basement, to where he was unceremoniously banished.
The bad, bad lightbulb fixture.

Now, have a good night's sleep.

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