Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Full Moon Shenanigans

I don't much care anymore what I write. Have you noticed? The quality has suffered, but the quantity has remained the same. Not tonight. I don't care. I took the #1 son to the orthodondist, who can do nothing for 6 months, waiting for two molars to come in. Then he can do a limited amount to fix my boy's underbite and too-small mouth and unaligned jaws. To the tune of $4500, which is not the issue. It's what can be done to fix his mouth, and is it worth him having surgery to break his jaws, which I think not. He is of the same opinion, yet he refuses to wear headgear at night, which could also fix the majority of the problem. I might have to chain him down. We'll see in 6 months what develops.

There is a full moon. Have you noticed? I saw it through the trees tonight as I walked around the porch 30 minutes, kicking cats out of the way, willy-nilly. That's why the students have been so squirrelly, and HH has been so grouchy, and the dogs have drug in used deer parts. HH snatched up the head and 4-point rack, leaving them to fight over a leg. Later, the black Ann drug in a haunch. She is using it for a pillow in the front yard, and nipped the little beagle, Tank, to yelping status. They are usually buddies. Maybe Tank needs to find The Devil on the front porch again.

I wrote up a kid for running in the hall today. A high school student. For running in the hall. This morning, a science crony commanded him to stop, and he did so on her second bark. Then I spied him up to those shenanigans at the beginning and end of 5th hour. So I consulted with said crony, and we agreed that it was insubordination, even though he was moving to fast for me to give him stopping orders. Then he did the same thing at the beginning of 7th hour, and I shouted at his back, "I already wrote you up for running in the hall." And THEN he stopped. Go figure.

Full moon shenanigans. In the words of my boy: They will. Shenan. Again.


Just A Girl said...

I don't think I ever had the huge to run through the halls of my school. Nothing was that important.

Hillbilly Mom said...

He wasn't actually running TO anything. He was trying to avoid getting a tardy for 4 different class periods. Which smacks of poor time management skills, methinks. Or too much girlfriend on the mind.

Mean Teacher said...

I love how people are so convinced that drunk people and live births are commonplace in today's schools. I've got a few good stories, but none of them involves childbirth.

Mine were squirrely today too. Not just mine, but all of them. And it wasn't even free dress day-- that's tomorrow!

A coworker and I got sushi takeout last week on our parent conference day, and experienced exactly what you'd just described. No parents for hours, but as soon as we walked back in with our lunch, they started pouring in. I guess they take their lunch breaks to come see us.

How is the lame pony?

Hillbilly Mom said...

We don't eat much sushi here in Hillmomba. Go figure! The Pony is expected to get his cast off next Friday. If his bone stayed in place, he can leave it off.

Melina said...

The moon effect was nuts, do yo realize that the moon was as close to the earth as it gets in orbit??? It explains ALL the nuttiness.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. I realized it last night when I watched the news and the weatherman told me.