Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random Thought Thursday #7

Oh, yes. The school year is almost over, and it's time once again for Random Thought Thursday.

I wonder how long it will be before my power goes off. It's another dark and stormy night. And since it's the ONLY night I regularly watch TV, I'm sure the Dish will go out if the power doesn't. Because that's Hillbilly Mom's Law.

People really piss me off. Really.

The number of pencils found on the floor never exceeds or equals the number of pencils loaned.

The middle of the floaty donut thingy that holds up the winter pool cover is probably not the best place for a black & white cat to have a catnap.

Dolls do not frighten me, but those freakish old-timey ones on GhostHunters last night scared the bejebus out of me. I had to look away. My #1 son said, "I thought you had dolls when you were a kid," as he fidgeted this way and that on the basement couch. Then he caught a glimpse of those giant-eyed, mutant-looking girl-toys and gasped, "Oh, that's so wrong. That one has the google-eyes like it's been strangled." Another one looked like a longish gourd head with a newspaper photo cut-out of a man's face glued to it. Yikes! I was jumpy all night after that disturbing image.

Mabel and her New Best Friend are trying to include me. Probably, they're afraid I'll go all psycho on them and put cat pictures in their mailboxes. Math Crony printed up some send-home letters for my advisory kids so I didn't have to. She's a peach. And Mabel told me I had to send home those letters, because I am out of the loop, what with not being in that building enough last year to have an advisory group. Mabel also hooked me up with reading logs at the beginning of the year for SSR every Friday. They'll make a real teacher out of me yet. I'm surprised Mabel didn't tell me, "If you need any reading logs, they'll be right here...LOCKED UP! Mabel will get that joke. We go waaaay back, Mabel and I. Though we were never locked up together.

My black-shepherd-mix doggy's endearing quality of walking around every lap of the field with me is not so endearing when she walks around every lap of the porch with me when it rains.

What's the difference between a novel and a book? I don't know. You tell me. That's my boy's contribution to Random Thought Thursday.

When the weather is bad, I pack all my valuables from upstairs, like the prescription medicine and the Christmas savings, into a Devil's Playground bag and bring it to the basement. I'm Prepared. That's the Hillbilly Mom motto. That, and People Piss Me Off.

I never have enough time on Thursdays. It must be that TV habit I've developed.


Cazzie!!! said...

I love it when the school year is almost finished, and then it is Christmas!!! Yayyy

Melina said...

wait a second, aren't you Even Steven? The pencils on the floor SHOULD equal the number loaned! And I feel your pain. This year I supplied my students with 300 new pencils...I think I'm down to 10 already.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Me too! It's the best time of year!

Hey! There's been a malfunction in my Stevening! But I am only down about 48 pencils right now, at the end of 1st Qtr. You, on the other hand, are in serious pencil debt. That's what you get for teaching such a write-y subject.

I try to demand some collateral, such as a lunch card, when I loan my precious pieces of wood. But in the heat of dispensing knowledge, I sometimes grow careless.