Friday, October 5, 2007

Repairing The Pony

The saga of My Little Broken Pony continues. We took him to a pediatric orthopedist today. Unfortunately, it was a pediatric orthopedist who does no surgery. Can things get any worse? A long drive for a guy who can't help My Little Pony. Though he did show us the x-ray, and tell us that all his knife-wielding colleagues were out of the office, but he called one for a consult, and that the Pony definitely needs to go under the knife and probably will need a wire inserted into his broken bits to hold them together. So kind was he that we don't have to come for another appointment with the slicer, but will have the surgery scheduled sight unseen. It is tentatively scheduled for Friday.

Let's speak of the x-ray. You know that bone in your forearm, the one on the thumb side called the radius? It's supposed to have a little bulbous end thingy on it at the elbow. But his doesn't. Here's the horror. His is lying beside the radius. So there is not only an empty space at the end of that bone where the bulbous thingy belongs...but the bulbous thingy sits parallel to the radius, like some freakish bean beside the frank. No wonder he hurts.

Now the Pony has a cast, medium blue, from knuckles to armpit. He says it feels much better than the splint. But he still has to wait until next Friday for the fixing to begin. That will be 11 days after his breakage. I call foul. HH says the next time anything like this happens, he will drive the boy straight to Children's Hospital, where they will have to take care of it right then, not drag it out for two weeks.

The Pony is taking it pretty well, except for the part about going to school all next week. I will have to make sure he has enough elastic-waist shorts, because he can't button or unbutton with one hand. Though he has become quite adept at playing his DS Lite with the stylus in his left hand.

I hope he never reads this. He hates being called My Little Pony. We only do it because he refused to play with a Happy Meal toy that was a pink My Little Pony. And today, HH teased him about getting a pink cast, and the caster man and woman thought he seriously wanted pink. "Oh, do you like pink?" asked the large Black man who got out the color sample ring. "We can give you a pink one," said the wiry White woman who went to the supply cabinet. My Little Pony couldn't believe his ears. "NO. I don't want pink! I want blue." Which is his favorite color, though earlier he had talked about getting a green one, because it is my favorite. They had him fixed in no time. Now he has a blue cast for a week. We'll see what he chooses after the surgery.

I think I am more nervous than the Pony.


Stewed Hamm said...

I'm telling you, now is the best time to switch his name to Barbaro. Of course, you should make a big deal out of it, and tell him all about how Barbaro was a championship horse and everything...

Then tell him when he broke his leg, they hot him. He'll like that joke (eventually... when he's like 35)

Hillbilly Mom said...


I could always tell him it's a PIRATE name. He wouldn't know the difference. And the broken leg part could still apply to a pirate, I'm sure. It doesn't take much of a reason to shoot a pirate. Less wood to be squandered on a peg leg, I say. Arrrh!