Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Thought Thursday #7

This is a random act of blogging.

Today hit the trifecta for student squirreliness. Full moon, 'Superhero' dress-up day for Red Ribbon Week, half-day for students. Yep. We didn't even need the extra added goodness of a morning rainstorm to top it off.

If I went outside at 6:30 p.m. to put stuff in my car, and then found out I was locked out, and went halfway around the building to pound on a glass door at the end of a looooong hall until someone came to let me in, and then found out the door was unlocked...I wouldn't tell anybody. Just sayin'. Because I know they would laugh as hard as I did without a shred of sympathy. Great Googley Moogley! I might as well wear pants under a dress! (I know you'll catch my drift, Mabel.)

You can sit for 4 hours and 30 minutes without ONE parent coming to conference with you, but the minute you sit down to your hot supper, 5 in a row will show up.

Is it wrong to rifle through the stack of grade reports to retrieve one for your son if Basementia is so deserted that even the tumbleweeds blowing down the hall are lonely?

Reading the comments to an article in an online local newspaper can be quite enlightening. After the courts ruled that a school was right in denying a student the right to wear a confederate flag on his t-shirt (after he had been warned the day before for the same flag on his cap), the readers were irate. "What right does the school have to tell the kids what to wear? The school should buy the kids some clothes if they don't like what they wear." And "Why make such a big deal over a shirt. Have you been to a school lately? The kids come to school drunk, and have babies in middle school. That's what the schools need to teach them. How not to have babies and not to drink." Hmm...I thought those were values learned at home. Silly Hillbilly Mom!

More local comments, about a guy arrested after breaking a lock on a gate, breaking into a house, cooking meth, then running into the woods when the property owner locked the gate and called the law. "It's not his fault. He's an addict. It's a disease. What good will it do to lock him up? He needs help for his addiction. That's what they need to do. Give him help. He has fought this addiction for a long time." Oh, I forgot to mention that he was a repeat offender, and had walked out of rehab before." He needs rehab until he is ready to leave. They don't get good rehab in prison. He's a good guy. You need to pray for him. It's a disease." OK. So we are supposed to foot the bill for his rehab because he's a good guy and just cooking meth to sell it to support his addiction which is a disease. He should be able to break as many laws as he needs to, because of his disease. And sell that meth to your kids, because he's really a good guy, except for his disease, and he really wants to stop. Gimme a break!

But there's more. A guy was tailgating an off-duty cop on the highway because the cop wouldn't get out of his way. So the guy finally passed the cop, and flipped him off. But the off-duty cop recognized him, and called the dispatcher to check on outstanding warrants, and the dispatcher sent another cop to arrest Flipper. But who's the bad guy? "That's why I hate cops. He wasn't even on duty, and arrested a guy for flipping him off, just because he wanted to drive slow in the passing lane." Yeah. Let's forget that the guy had a little something called an outstanding warrant. Sure. He had nothing to do with getting himself arrested. It was the cop's vendetta against him.

Randomness ends when ER starts.


Stewed Hamm said...

They must've left those comments the other night during the full moon.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I agree. People are crazy.

Unlike me. I'm a regular role model and poster mom for normality. Really.