Thursday, October 4, 2007

Random Thought Thursday #5

Is it Thursday already? Great Googley Moogley! School will be out before you know it! Now...let the randomness begin:

People are OH SO KIND when your little pony comes up lame. Thank you all for your best wishes. I mean that. You're in the small group of people not pissing me off.

If the tires of your LSUV say to inflate to 35 pounds, but that means you are driving on the bulging edges, not the tread, methinks the pound-measurer-thingy is out of whack.

Will tires inflated to 40 pounds explode when you drive for an hour and a half on the highway?

Can we possibly terrorize the children any more? My not-imaginary friend Mabel accosted me at the back of my room this morning, demanding to know why I was at school. I assured her the Pony's appointment was not until Friday, and she hollered, "It's not about that. YOU HAD THREE NUMBERS ON THE MEGA MILLIONS TUESDAY NIGHT!" The kids in the back of the room were listening while trying to look like they weren't. Their mouths were hanging open. We played it for all we were worth. That Mabel and I make a good team. I threw up my arms. "Wow! How much did I win? Seven dollars?" Mabel squealed, "Yes! I think that was it! Mr. Mabel is checking on it." Then I told her, "Now that I know, you can bet that I won't be here tomorrow!" I'm waiting to see how long it takes for the kids to pass around the rumor that I'm absent because I won the lottery.

I don't like paying the piper I call Even Steven. My boy breaks his 'belbow', and that night I win on Mega Millions. Come to think of it, my #1 son won $10 on a $5 Deal or No Deal scratch-off last night. And today, I lost a $16 check that a colleague wrote me for the kid's fundraiser fudge. I'm thinking I just left it at school, safe inside my Do Not Open cabinet. Which is different from my DoNot Open cabinet. The first contains my personal items and teacher's editions. The second contains dictionaries and rulers and markers and cleaning supplies.

In the hall today, I heard a girl tell her kind of swishy boy best friend, "I love you. You complete me." Never a dull moment doing that hall duty.

I still owe you a tale of my dentist adventure, and that poem I was going to parody. It's on the back burner, but still bubbling away.

When it is almost time for the new ER, I run out of randomness.


LanternLight said...

Will tires inflated to 40 pounds explode when you drive for an hour and a half on the highway?

Generally no, unless it's a Ford Expedition :-)

You may notice enhanced tire wear though.

Mr. Mabel???? And heres me IMAGINING Mabel as a spinster.

Cazzie!!! said...

I have only ever won 5 dollars maxiumum on the scrath and win things they have here. It was a birthday gift, sent in a card when I was 16. Of course, 5 dollars back then was equivalent to 20 dollars now, So I got me some nice 3/4 denim jeans, and a nice western style shirt to go to my first Blue Light Disco..wooopeee!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

No Expedition. Yukon.

Mabel is no spinster. Her husband is not imaginary, either. In fact, he used to be my principal when I worked at this place before.

The most I've ever won on a scratcher is $250. It was a $1 ticket, and I won all five prizes of $50 each. I let my #1 son scratch it, and didn't believe him when he said we won $250. See? Scratchers are educational!