Sunday, December 9, 2007

Snow Day Crack

Shame, shame on all you people who googled 'crack' and ended up here! I suppose it's fair punishment. I can imagine the puzzled, disappointed looks on your wasted little faces. Try, try again.

I'm hoping for enough freezing rain tonight to keep us out of school tomorrow. But not enough to take away the electricity or TV. I could get a lot done tomorrow. I always run out of days on the weekend. I can get the shopping and laundry and enough cleaning that we don't have rats done, but then I'm out of time for my schoolwork. Or, I can do the schoolwork, but everyone the store won't sell groceries to complains that there's nothing to eat. And they ask those silly questions like, "Where is my underwear? Why don't I have any socks?" I'm not too optimistic, unless the forecast strikes fear into the larger schools. Then we will jump on the snow day bandwagon, because we're always out when the big three neighbors are out, but we don't like to be trendsetters.

HH is gone to a company Christmas 'party'. He didn't want to go, and instead of driving his 4WD truck with the freezing rain forecast, he drove his Mercedes. I guess it's a status thing, even though it's about 20 years old, and ugly to boot. He's hard-headed that way.

I'd love to prattle on about my boring life, but I have that pile of schoolwork, and the checks for the taxes haven't written themselves, so I need to get crackin', by cracky!

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