Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Nice Hillbilly Mom

Life is never simple for Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. Perhaps I mentioned that I am going to a doctor's appointment with my mom Wednesday. I moved heaven and earth to make these arrangements. I had to consult no less than four people to swing it. I completed my preparations today around 2:00. I have lined up Mabel for child care, the NotACook crony to cover my 7th hour class, and Mr. S to stand sentry in the parking lot after school. I got approval from the Big Man to set these machinations in motion.

I put the effort involved in this endeavor at the level of moving Jon and Kate plus 8 to Disneyland. You know, the up-tight ex-nurse and her half-Korean husband the IT guy, and their twins and sextuplets. Or perhaps the effort required to move the London Bridge to Arizona. I think. I'm not so good with history.

So what does my dear, sweet mama call to tell me at 3:15 today? She changed her appointment to 10:30. NOOOO! It ain't happenin'! She said they called and told her they had a cancellation, and could she come earlier in the day? NOOOO! You can not go earlier in the day so they can go home at 2:00 instead of 2:15. Absolutely NOT! Think of all the times doctors have kept you waiting an hour or two, when you were there faithfully, 15 minutes before your appointment, so they wouldn't have to wait on YOU. It is not your responsibility to make their schedule more convenient. I can not go at 10:30. That would require me missing lunch and part of two classes. I can not expect someone to cover for me for two separate classes during the lunch hours. Any teacher on MY lunch would have their own classes at that time. Any teachers on other lunches will HELLO be at lunch during my classes. I can not take the whole day off, because that would have necessitated me leaving detailed plans of actual lessons that I would have needed to leave on my desk at 3:10 when I left school!

I hated to tell my dear, sweet mother to call them back. But I did. She acted like she didn't even know I was going with her at the 2:00 appointment. Ahem. It's all I've talked about to her for the past week. How the kids would be OK. I'd make arrangements. And why, WHY would she have called me the minute she changed the appointment if I was not even going with her? Something is fishy here. But she called them. And she got her 2:00 appointment back. So all systems are still GO.

I hope they don't take it out on her. You know how they treat the elderly sometimes. They talk all loud and simple. I'm not having it. That's why I'm going with her. To pick any bones they toss at her. Because she is TOO nice.

Something which has never, ever been said about me. And never, ever will.

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