Friday, December 28, 2007

Random Thought Thursday On Friday #2

Better late than never. And without further ado...

Beagles will eat and eat until they look like small, leaden Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons. They will eat cat food and stale bread and boiled eggs in the shell and potato salad and vegetable soup. Shepherd-mix doggies, on the other hand, play with their food. It is not uncommon to see one guarding a loaf of French bread, or a raw potato, just so a Beagle can't eat it.

HH complained that he took his cough medicine as directed at 9:30 last night, but couldn't fall asleep until after 10:30. And he thinks it has nothing to do with sleeping for 36 hours on the day and night before. It was faulty cough medicine.

Dan Fogelberg died, and nobody told me.

Hammacher Schlemmer shall rue the day that 'Lifetime Guarantee' slogan was coined.

The #1 son is getting glasses. He is actually excited about it. Nerd!

So many little I dare to share.

Is it just me, or was that Oprah show at the spa place thingy a few weeks ago really, really, excessively creepy? I was watching it at The Pony's elbow therapy waiting room. I'm not a regular Oprah watcher. I gave up on her when she declared herself Queen of the World. When she stopped having real shows. When she stopped her Book Club for regular people books, and declared that she was now recommending the classics. Since when did Oprah's poo stop being odiferous? Anyhoo, on this spa show, Oprah took her bosom buddy, Gayle, and a bunch of other women I don't know and don't care about to a spa place. And next thing you know, they are outside at this ropes course thingy, only they have cables. Have you seen Oprah lately? So the deal is that they strap a harness on you, and hoist you up to the top of a telephone pole, and you release a clamp thingy and 'swing' down near the ground. Gayle is afraid of heights. Oprah insisted that she do the pole. AND made fun of her while they were cranking her up. Oh, and if you looked in the background, there were like, 300 people holding the cable to hoist Gayle. But we're not to the creepy part yet. Oprah and Gayle kept referring to each other as 'Mommy'. Or maybe it was 'Mami', though I don't recall either Gayle or Oprah being particularly Hispanic. Or having children. What is up with this 'Mommy' business? It makes me think "Eeewwww!"

Tigers should not be taunted. Seriously.

It's all fun and games until you get a screwdriver jabbed into your brain. Does anyone else see a problem here? A two-year-old wanders away at church, and finds a screwdriver, and stabs it into her own eye socket? I know two-year-olds can be rambunctious. But this is too, too much for me to fathom. Perhaps she tripped and fell on it. Perhaps an older child was roughhousing in the unsupervised pointy-tool horseplay area with her. You can bet I would have come up with a better story than, "She just disappeared for a minute, and I guess she stabbed herself in the brain with a screwdriver she found."

Did we not all hear the scream from Paris? "OH SH*T!!!"

I need to stop watching CNN.


Mary said...

Guess news travels a little slow to Hillbilly Ville...yes, Dan Fogelberg died Dec. 16, 2007 which has almost been 2 weeks ago. But hey, who's counting the milliseconds anyway, huh?
Needless to say, I was very saddened at his passing as he has always been one of my very favorite singer/songwriters. I believe I own everything he's every done.
So "Auld Lang Syne" Danny boy.....

Cazzie!!! said...

Your son shoul be proud, he will look lik Harry Potter :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, the news does pass through a time warp to enter Hillmomba. I'm sure Dan the Man left us all with a few 'Souvenirs'.

And I've tossed YOU a Kansas bone in my next post. Because I can.

My boy looks more like Jimmy Neutron. It's a hair thing. He chose the rectangular glasses instead of the round ones, so he won't be quite as HarryPotterish.

Redneck Diva said...

Paris Hilton or Paris, France? Tell me please! I don't watch CNN!!! I watch Showbiz Tonight occasionally but don't recall sh*t from any Paris....oh do clear this up for me!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It was Paris HILTON. Her granddaddy decide to leave 97% of his fortune to charity. And the other 67 million was to be divided among the family. I think she was just MAYBE counting on a bigger cut.