Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Few Competencies Short Of A Project

I don't have much time tonight. And I won't have much time tomorrow night. So don't say I didn't warn you.

This was a busy day back at school, what with setting up for my Hot Wheels activity (thanks for the ramps, Mabel), getting observed 2nd hour, chastising my 3rd hour for their whining ways, slapping up our door decoration for advisory group, giving those kids a Christmas bag of goodies, cleaning up my room from the decorating, turning in 7/9ths of my project list that must be done before Christmas break, and sweltering all freakin' day at 74 degrees. I don't know what's up with the heat. It's usually cold. I set my room thermostat on 68, and it was STILL hot. I opened the window, but that just made the heat come on. I guess I could have put on the air conditioner.

I was glad I gave those advisory kids that bag. I'm down to 10 kids now. They're dropping like flies. Perhaps it's the heat. Anyhoo, one kid said, "This is SO cool. Like, I will get one present at home. An $18 something-or-other." She said what it was, but it escapes me. It's not like a gave them diamonds and Godiva chocolates. It was just some pencils and erasers and a Santa bumper car and a walking snowman and a couple Slim Jims and a pack of sugarless gum and three Hershey kisses and a Santa hat that plays music if you push a button and a bag of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's famous homemade Chex mix. I hesitate to tell that last part, lest Mabel mug one of my young charges. Mabel is fond of the Chex mix. Play your cards right, Mabel, and you will get more with your Christmas gift. Thursday. That's the day of the giving of Mabel's gift. If I remember to bring it. Perhaps I can deliver it to her classroom 6th hour. Mabel used to come to my room 1st hour, but I have an ornery little group this year, which may spoil the festive mood.

After school today, I rushed My Little Pony to his last elbow therapy session. His therapist gave him some neon green putty to work on his hand and forearm strength. She really shouldn't have. Really.

After that, we took HH to supper for his birthday. Then the #1 son and I went to The Devil's Playground to shop for that John Deere Barbie that HH wanted so badly. She was not there. Apparently, some other man wanted her worse.

I didn't get home and get stuff carried in and give HH's gifts until 9:00. And I still have the other 2/7ths of that project to do. Maybe 1/7th will be done tonight. When I turned in my other parts, I saw that the only people who had turned them in so far were Mabel, her math crony, and that foreign lady. Quite good company I'm in. Until somebody notices that I'm a few competencies short of a project. Anyhoo...I'm workin' on it.

Right now.

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