Saturday, July 7, 2007

We've Lost The Patient

Gamey is very sick. He can not hold his data. The attempted hard drive transplant was not a success. Two separate donors were tried, and Gamey rejected both. We found it necessary to pull the plug on our beloved Gamey. He is currently being held in suspended animation in the basement cryogenics laboratory. We refuse to make Gamey a parts donor. We trying to get Gamey placed on the Compaq Hard Drive Registry in hopes of finding a match. CPUspeed, Gamey, on your eventual recovery.

Whew! That kind of stuff is so sad. We don't blame the doctor. He's doing all he can. We are sparing no expense to get Gamey back on his feet. Though he cannot communicate with us, we believe Gamey can sense our caring touch and soothing voices. They say the motherboard is the last to go.

Gamey can not be replaced. We are not ready. The doctor is buffing up a surrogate for #2 son to use while Gamey is out of commission. Thank the Gummi Mary the cryogenics lab is rich in spare parts. Blame The Devil's Playground for Gamey's affliction.

We appreciate all the support you've provided during this trying time.


The new stories are up at Diva's writing contest. Go take a read and cast a vote. You have a choice of Soap Opera or Science Fiction. And that's all. Only two entries this week. You may not be a writer, but you can be a reader. And a voter. Get crackin', by cracky!


LanternLight said...

What sort of machine is Gamey?

He doesn't seem that old...

Do you know where your data is?:

Cazzie!!! said...

RIP gamey :(

Hillbilly Mom said...

Gamey came from The Devil's Playground in December, 2006. To the best of my knowledge, he is a

Compaq Presario SR2013WM

That's what it says on his power button, anyway. Gamey was running

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

when we bought him. He was Vista-ready, allegedly, which was advertised on his box. He came with a free Vista upgrade. The #1 son upgraded him to Vista earlier this summer, and had the sound issues and trouble trying to restore Gamey to XP. That began our long relationship with the heavily-accented service reps from Compaq, trying to get some type of recovery software for XP or Vista. We didn't care which one. The one we had for Vista was only for an upgrade, and wouldn't work.

Anyhoo...we are now awaiting another Vista disk, as today's chat with the reps made them think the problem is with the disk they finally shipped us last week, and not Gamey's hard drive.

Thanks for the data tip. The only thing on Gamey is the games my 9-year-old has installed. He has no internet access, and only used Gamey for gaming. We are lucky to have #1 son to do all our repairs, the exception being his Lappy, which was sent away for service to replace the hard drive. I don't think he had anything worth stealing on Lappy, besides a little music he had copied from CDs, and pictures of his school trips.

We will try to resurrect Gamey later this week. I suppose we'll have to take him up on the roof, and wait for a lightning bolt.