Thursday, July 26, 2007

Now You See Me...

I am rethinking my Mansion commitment once again. Meanie says they all got a talkin'-to about teacher blogs. You know, because THE MAN wouldn't want teachers to be able to vent and post anonymous happenings, what with students naming names and ripping teachers apart on MySpace and YouTube. Wouldn't be prudent.

So IF even one breath is breathed about blogging at our general assembly that is planned in a couple of weeks, I won't be havin' an outlet for the crazy. Ohh...but I WILL still be commenting, don't ya know! With an unshared profile, methinks. You can take the blogging out of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, but you can't take Mrs. Hillbilly Mom out of blogging. Laws, NO! M-O-O-N. That spells "Sweet Gummi Mary, people! This is the Land of the Free. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom should at least have as many technological rights as a student, by cracky!"

Over the next week, time permitting (translation: if HM gets off her lazy butt), the previous Mansions will be loaded up and moved to a different dimension, then demolished. Read 'em while they're hot, before they start to smolder.

Sometimes I long for my days with unemployment. Not drawing it...working for it. Nobody really gave a crap what you did, as long as you showed up before 8:01, and didn't leave until the stroke of 4:30. You know, because state employees can't be sued. And they work like it.

Decisions, decisions. I really must submerge and create a new identity.


Mean Teacher said...

I should clarify that the comment that was made was not about this particular type of "teacher blog." It was about websites where teachers actually share ideas and discuss theories and refer to themselves as "educators" and all that jazz. Being faced once again with the reality that my friends and I are not the only people on the internet just got me nervous, that's all.

I think your blog is pretty tame. That's tame, not lame. Tame, as in safe and anonymous. You've done an exceptional job of maintaining anonymity, unlike some of us.

Betty said...

I do understand your reluctance to make waves individually, but I do wish teachers and employees of big companies would band together and fight administrations and others who try to stifle their free speech. But, then, I'm an old agitator from way back.

MrsCoach2U said...

I've been needing an office assistant, how about passing out free cheese? My office is kind of small so please don't cut it!

Did anyone else start singing the theme to Beverly Hillbillies while reading this post or was it just me??????

Redneck. Diva. said...

If you leave I will cry.

Let it be known.

Hillbilly Mom said...

OHH! The educational kind. I don't have time for that! Unless I need to look up a specific item for the next day. I'm a taker, not a give. It's my nature. I am the opposite of Mrs. Coach.

I certainly agree with you. Silently. I'm not good with waves.

I will only pass the cheese if I'm also allowed to cut it. That's how I roll.

Umm...I think it was just you singing that classic. I am partial to the Green Acres song.

There you go, putting pressure on me, forgetting that I have a heart of stone cold ice. You'll have to change your tactics, Matey!